April Goals & March Goals Met

March was a busy month for us, but all in all, I think I stayed on track with my goals as best I could.  I don't expect perfection from myself every month and you shouldn't either.  We shouldn't feel guilty for not reaching every single goal 100%.   Monthly goals are a good way to keep track of our patterns and behaviors, as well as keeping us motivated.  Yes, it feels amazing when we work really hard and we meet every goal for the month despite the obstacles that life throws our way, but we should be proud of our hard work regardless.  Life is unpredictable and we gotta go with the flow sometimes.  That being said, here's my goals met for March:

I honestly have no idea if I lost any fat or not.  My guess is that I didn't, as my weight has pretty much stayed the same and I didn't measure at the beginning of the month.  Oopsy! I worked hard running and training for Spartan Super.  Although lunges didn't happen daily, I definitely got them in most of my workouts.  

I've kept my April goals pretty simple and straight forward.  I didn't give myself anything too specific, as I tend to stress about numbers and I don't want that right now.  I just want to focus on training, having fun, and getting healthy and strong.  

How did you do with your goals in March?  What goals do you have for this month?  How do you plan to reach them?