Spartan Race | #WhyIRace

Spartan Race started a new campaign recently asking folks to share their story.  Everyone has a story as to why they race.  Below is my reason.  I race for many reasons.  I race to keep myself motivated in my fitness journey.  I race to be a good role model for my kiddos.  I race to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  I race for those who can't.  I race to prove that I can.  I race because it's fun.  But, mostly to be stronger than I was before.  

I've never been athletic.  Running was not something I did for fun.  Running wasn't something I did.  Period.  Finding this new passion in running and obstacle course racing has been an amazing addition to my life!  It's woken up a spark in me to be stronger, healthier, and better than I was before.  

What's your story?  Why do you race?  Share your story HERE