Happy National Running Day 2015 | 10 Ways Running Changed My Life

In the past 3 years, I've learned to love such foods as cauliflower "rice", brussels sprouts, beets, and almond milk.  I eat greek yogurt like it's going out of style! I've learned how to do burpees, Bulgarian split squats, and deadlifts.  I am the proud owner of a pull-up bar, foam roller, and yoga mat.  

I've also found a love of running that I never thought possible.  Running is a great cardiovascular exercise and great calorie burner.  But for me running has become more than that.  Running pushes me to try harder and reach new goals.  Running keeps me motivated and signing up for races is a sure way for me to keep at it!  Running has an amazing community of people.  Running can help me clear my mind on crazy days and will just about always put me in a good mood.  So, today in honor of National Running Day, I thought I'd share a few fun ways running has changed my life:

1.  I spend more money on running shoes than heels.  

2.  I'm always hungry.      

3.  I wake up earlier on the weekends to go on long runs than I do during the week.

4.   I plan vacations around races.

5.  I'm kinda obsessed with compression socks. 

6.  I don't take selfies, I take feetsies.

7.  I have more running shorts than jeans.

8.  I don't just drink, I hydrate ;) 

9.  Food is now called fuel.

10.  The only watch I own is a Garmin.

BONUS: I get some pretty rad tan lines! 

How about you?  Do you love running?  Running isn't for everyone and as with all things, it's best to do what you love , but don't be afraid of running.  Don't give up on running because you've told yourself you've never been good at it or because you can't run fast, or because you tried it once and it was hard.  Yes, running is hard, we aren't all fast, and we are definitely not all good at it all the time.  But, the key is consistency and just giving it a try.  Get out there today and celebrate running.  Celebrate the fact that you can run.  Run for those who can't today.  You may end up loving it.