September Fitness Goals

August was a busy month for me and my family.  We had our annual summer SoCal Beach trip (I'll be sharing highlights & photos later this week).  It was also our wedding anniversary on the 28th so we had a fun filled weekend.  Not to mention all my half marathon training and work!  With everything that was going on in August, I still managed to meet all my fitness goals for the month.  Granted, they weren't too difficult.  I knew August would be busy and I didn't want to set myself up for failure ;) 

I ended up reaching 62 total miles for the month as I trained for the Disneyland Half Marathon coming up this weekend.  Lots more water intake and healthier meals have also been much better this month.  Plus, we've been getting out as a family more and going on family walks/hikes/jogs together and it's definitely helping the kiddos get more active.  YAY for a great month.  

September is already shaping up to be a busy month of travel.  We'll be in SoCal again this weekend for the Disneyland Half Marathon, then I go to Sonoma, CA the following weekend for work, and then it's a weekend in Utah with the family!  YIKES! With all this traveling, I'm nervous my eating will go down the drain.  I really don't want this to happen, so I'm giving myself some tough, yet realistic goals this month.  Heres to hoping I can stay on track and make some progress!  How about you?  What are your goals this month?  What do you plan on doing to reach them? Let's here it!