E-hydrate Protein and Drink Mix Review

As a mom ambassador for momsmeet.com, I was sent protein-on-the-go and drink mixes by E-hydrate to try out and review.  All opinions and comments are my own.  I was sent the protein mixes and the drink mixes for both adults and kids.  

All E-hydrate's products are natural with no artificial sugars or artificial ingredients, so I felt great about giving these to my kiddos.  My kids love to go on runs with me and we do fun kid "boot camps" together so they are pretty active.  One day after one of our 1 mile runs, I gave them each a pouch of the protein-on-the-go.  We filled it with water, shook them, and tested them out.  Both kids liked the flavor, we had chocolate and cinnamon roll.  Each pouch has 10 grams of protein, electrolytes, and only 70 calories, so it's a nice, healthy snack after they've been running around all day!  I think they'd work great for after school or after a sporting event.  

I too had my protein on-the-go.  Filled it up with water and shook it.  I will say it was not super smooth and I still had some lumps of protein that didn't dissolve completely.  I guess I should have shaken it more...The flavor was ok for a protein shake.  I never expect them to be the most delicious thing ever, but they get the job done.  At 25g of protein + electrolytes it's great for recovery after a hard workout or a long run.  I think they'd be great to take hiking too! 

Next up to try were the drink mixes.  The kids mix is provides the electrolytes and immunity support, again without the added sugars or artificial ingredients.  It has 0 grams of sugar, 4 carbs and only 15 calories.  They're a great alternative to sports drinks and are small and convenient to keep on hand.  My kids really enjoyed all the flavors, especially the strawberry lemonade.  

The adult drink mix provides hydration + energy.  Which one of us busy moms couldn't do with a little more energy, right?  Again, they're way better for you than a sports drink with 0 sugar, 1 carb and 4 calories, and super convenient to carry in your bag.  I added a pouch to my water bottle and took it to the gym with me. The tastes great and kept me feeling strong throughout my entire workout.  

If you have an active family and want to keep quick and easy protein and hydration on hand, I would definitely recommend E-hydration.  The protein pouches and drink packets are easy to store and don't take up much room.  Check out their website where you can learn more about their products, read reviews, and order directly online.