Whole 30 | Week 1 Recap

Last week the hubs and I decided it was time to get back on track and cut out bad food choices and do a strict Whole 30 diet. Ok, you got me, yes, I decided it was time to get back on track and start Whole30.  Jason was forced to do it with me.  But, like the wonderful and supportive husband he is, he jumped on board without too much hesitation ;)

Having been on a Paleo diet now for while, I know the drill.  No dairy, no legumes, no grains, no processed foods, no sugar.  Lots of healthy fats, lean proteins, and plenty of veggies!  We went grocery shopping and got all the staples, plus whatever else from my meal planning list.  I had most of the week planned out and ready to go.  

We started off really well.  On Monday I made a big frittata that lasted us all week for breakfasts.  I followed Nom Nom Paleo's super easy recipe.   I also made a batch of organic grass-fed ground beef and kept that in the fridge for a quick lunch alternative for when there were no leftovers.  I just added some sauteed veggies to the meat and a fried egg on top for a great mid-day meal.  Dinners were quick and easy, because it was a super busy week last week.  

The first 2 days Jason complained he was feeling quite hungry in between lunch and dinner, so I made sure we packed him a little bigger portions for lunch and slightly larger portion for breakfast too.  This helped him feel way better the rest of the week.  That's definitely something they mention in the book, It Starts with Food and how it will take some time to get the portions just right.  I did add a snack, such as a larabar or some deli meat with peppers to munch on after some workouts last week too.

It got really difficult over the weekend, like I knew it would.  We went to 51's minor league baseball game Friday and it just felt wrong to be there and not have a beer.  So we had the beer. We are weak.  Saturday again was an incredibly busy day and we were non-stop all day.  I did manage to stick to a Whole30 breakfast and lunch, but by the time we made it home, we were exhausted and starving.  There was no way either one of us was making dinner, so we ordered pizza.  Yup, we messed up big time!  Sunday we were back on track, even with shooting a wedding, so I felt pretty good about that.  No, you aren't supposed to cheat on Whole 30, so technically we should be starting all over again from Day 1.  But you know what, we're gonna keep right on truckin'.  We aren't going to let one slip up, get us off track.  

So that this doesn't happen again on Week 2, I've already got my meals planned out for the week.  I've also noted our busiest days and resorted to my handy crock pot recipes for these days.  The key to Whole 30 is preparation and clearly we weren't as prepared as I thought we were last week.  This week, we're going to be ready for the weekend and all it's temptations.

Here's to a great week ahead!  Anyone else doing Whole30 this month? Starting a new eating plan? How's it going for you?