Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do and this year we have had to slow down on the travels and focus on another type of adventure, home buying.  With summer in full swing and so many families and friends going on trips, I too am longing to get out and explore.  I am an adventurer!  I live for experiencing new things, going to places I've never been, and expanding my horizons.  It's in my blood.  It's who I am.  It revitalizes me.  It keeps me feeling alive and creative.  I find inspiration when I travel.  I feel at peace.  No, I am not complaining because I cannot go on a summer vacation right now.  I am not going to throw myself a pity party.  What I will do is show gratitude and appreciate everything I've seen and all the places I have been.  I do not take it for granted.  Our life has been full of some pretty awesome adventures and travels and we don't plan on stopping, just taking a break to focus on "adulting".  

We’ll be back traveling soon enough, but staying put is not easy for me.  To pass the time, I should really start packing up our house, huh?  I am so grateful for the opportunity to purchase a home, as stressful as it may be.  We've worked hard, made sacrifices, and we're excited to (hopefully) soon be in a home of our own.  So, in the meantime as we deal with house hunting stresses and packing, I will live vicariously though everyone else's epic travel adventures. 

So tell me, where are you going this summer? I can't wait to here about it!