Family Summer Bucket List 2016

It’s summertime!!  Today is the first day of summer in Vegas and we are under an excessive heat advisory, with temps to reach up to 115 degrees.  It's tough to plan fun outdoor activities in this heat, but we try to get creative with our list.  

Although the kiddos go to 12-month school and don’t have traditional 3 month summer breaks, we are still excited about having some free time this summer. Today is the first day of their summer track break this Friday and we’re planning to make the most of their 4 week break before they go back for 4 more weeks in July.  Their school year ends August 3, so they’ll have another 3 week break before starting up in their new grades at the end of August.  Yup, it’s confusing.  Yup, we don’t love it.  But, we’re making the most of it.

Here’s some of the fun we have planned for this summer: 

This is the 6th year of creating summer bucket lists as a family!  Take a look at 2 of our past year's summer bucket lists ( 2015, 2012) and come back tomorrow for some tips on how to create your own family summer bucket list to help you make some awesome memories this summer!