VidañaBeauty Skin Products Review

Howdy! Have you missed me? I sure have missed blogging lately.  I've been in the process of buying a home and it has literally taken up so much of my time.  We finally closed on July 21st and have been busy packing and cleaning for the big move on July 30th!  Add to that, working and trying to get out there and check things off our summer bucket list and you as you can imagine I am one tired girl!  I am so looking forward to things calming down and getting back to the blog.  I really enjoy sharing my messy life on here and I have tons of great topics to share such as our experience in buying a short sale home, packing tips, summer bucket list fun, and tons more!  

Today, though, I wanted to take a moment and share my thoughts on a new skin care product line called Vidaña Beauty.  They so generously sent me their entire new line of anti-aging skin care products to review.  The new product line consists of:

facial cleanser | day cream | night cream | eye cream | eye serum

Vidaña Beauty is ran by two sisters here in Las Vegas and all their products are also manufactured locally.  I am all for supporting local business!  Their family has been in the health & beauty industry for over 30 years.  

I've been using the products now for about a month and I am pretty happy with them.  Being in Las Vegas, I love that they offer sun block protection and hydrates the skin.  Last week, I was out in the sun and got my cheeks a little burned, so my skin was so dry and flaky!  I used the day and night cream regularly and it made a huge difference!  My face was not as tight and dry.  

I honestly do not love the smell of the facial cleanser.  It's a bit overpowering for me personally.  The other products don't such a strong scent at all and I like that.  And, I'm not really sure what the difference is between the eye serum and the eye cream. I'm using them of course, in the hopes of minimizing some of those laugh wrinkles I'm noticing around my eyes lately ;)

As most of you know, I'm not too frilly or girly and when it comes to skin care regimen, I am not the most consistent.  As I'm get older, though, I have definitely realized that I really do need to take better care of my skin.  It's the only face I have and I want it to look healthy and bright as long as possible!  

For more info on the Vidaña products and how to try them out yourself check them out here:

website | instagram | facebook | twitter

That was a nice break but now I am back to packing up my kitchen! XO