Summer Bucket List 2016: Update

I cannot believe summer is almost over.  I'm not gonna lie, I am looking forward to cooler temps and getting back to my routine.  This summer has got to be one of the craziest times for us! I've been pretty much MIA from blogging most of the summer.  Not cool, I know.  I miss it and have so much I want to share! Kids in year round school makes it tough to plan a whole lot, plus add to that packing up for our move in the middle of it, and well, it was not the most adventurous summer we've had.  Did I mention it felt like the hottest summer in Vegas too?  With temps in the 100+ most days we did not want to be outside.  Ugh...Hello Fall!

Of course, we knew this summer was going to be busy with not-so-fun adulting stuff like buying a house (more on that later), shopping for appliances, painting, packing and unpacking, etc.  so we didn't make our bucket list too long or too ambitious.  Yet, even though we kept it simple this year, it helped us to slow down and take some much needed breaks because the boxes to unpack will still be there when we get back, right? 

Here's a recap of what our summer bucket list looked like for this year:


From this list we have done:

Camping at Navajo Lake, UT

Ice Cream Treat at DQ

Mystery Adventure

Movie Night

Still to do are:

 Xtreme Flip Out | Beach Trip | Picnic at the Park | BBQ with Friends

The only thing we have scheduled is our annual trip to the beach at the end of summer.  We normally go the 3rd or 4th weekend of August, but this year that was not possible for a few reasons.  So, we're turning my Ventura Half Marathon into a little racecation and spending some much needed family time away for 3 days!  The other 3 things may or may not happen before Labor Day but that's ok.  We've have a great summer and I will be posting individual posts about our camping trip, Wet N Wild, and Cowabunga Bay in the next few weeks.  I also want to share more about our house buying experience soon too!  

So, how have you been spending your summer?  Any fun adventures? I'd love to hear about your summer bucket list too!