Whole 30 | Week 2 Recap


Week 2 on Whole30 went really well.  I've been cooking a ton, which means I'm also cleaning the kitchen a ton! I'm also eating a lot of eggs, but I don't mind. So far, I'm really enjoying putting my meal plans together for the week.  The family has really enjoyed eating new meals for dinner.  Whole30 has challenged me to try new recipes and get out of making the same kind of meals each week.  I'll admit I've had a few days where I went off plan, nothing major, just like not making a juice for breakfast and having eggs instead.  Like I said, cleaning is such a pain and that juicer takes like 10 minutes to clean out! 

On week 1 I made a large pork shoulder in the slow cooker, carnitas style and had enough to freeze.  So, when the hubs got sick with a cold, I took it out and made a yummy carnitas soup for him that totally hit the spot, was easy to make, and was Whole30 compliant! BOOM! 


My favorite meal this week was a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin by Paleo Running Momma. I made it with a side of roasted cauliflower + broccoli.  So delicious! 


I finally made it to one of my favorite classes at the gym this week, Sandbag Xpress.  Such a great full-body workout! I also ran 3 days! Super happy I got 4 days of workouts in for the week.  Halfway through and I seem to have a bit more energy and I'm still feeling pretty good! I'm ready to finish the last 2 weeks strong and reset!