Trails of Fury 10K | Race Recap

On May 21, 2016 I ran the Trails of Fury 10K.  My daughter also ran the kids 2K race that day.  Trails of Fury is a trail race organized by Desert Dash and they always pull off a great race.  I'd volunteered a few times on other Desert Dash races, so I had race credits for this race, bonus!


We had to wake up even earlier than usual for a race, since we had to take a bus to get to the race location. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) didn't want a lot of cars out on the trail parking lot, as to not to disturb the environment.  The weather was unseasonably cold for end of May and pretty windy.  They provided plenty of snacks and hot cocoa and coffee to help keep us warm, as well as space heaters.  We had to wait for the half marathon and 5K runners to go before the 10K got started.  Thank goodness there were seats for Elysse and hot cocoa and space heaters to help keep her warm and whining was down to a minimum ;)

I hadn't really trained much for this race.  After the L.A. Marathon, my running has really been sporadic.  I decided to sign up for this race to help me get my running mojo back.  During the entire run I felt sluggish and slow.  I took way too many walking breaks and the gradual uphill really got me!  The downhill, as usual, was fun and I was grateful that the downhill was at the middle and then again at the end.   I started the race wearing my jacket but after the first mile I got hot and took it off.  Since the 10K consisted of 2 loops, I passed the start line and saw my husband and daughter.  I handed them my jacket and just kept on going.  After the 1st loop, I really was trying to give it my all, but sadly, my all was not much to give.  My lack of running and especially my lack of trail running, was evident.  I was glad to be done after the race, but I actually did enjoy the run.  It made me remember how much I did enjoy trail running and I really hope to get back to it.

Now, about 30-45 minutes after my race it was time for the 2K kids race.  Elysse was ready to run and was super excited to get started.  Desert Dash just recently introduced the kids races to their lineup, so there were only a total of 3 kids for this race.  I sure hope they keep it for future races and that more kids show up for them.  Running is such a great sport and it can really help teach kids the importance of training, endurance, and rewards for hard work.  Elysse started the race strong and she finished strong.  She led the whole time and came in first place. That really made her feel so proud of herself and in turn, we were also so proud of her.  She gave it her all and it paid off!  I can't wait for her to run another race again and that she can find a true love for running!  

Virtual 10K and Spartan Trifecta Training Update

Just 17 more days until we head to Temecula, CA and I take on the Spartan Beast & Spartan Sprint!  I'm still really nervous about, not only getting my butt kicked during the 12+ mile Beast course, but doing it again during the Sprint.  I keep reminding myself that my hubby will running along with me during the Sprint and he'll be a huge help for me over walls and such! Plus, after 12+ miles, the 5K Sprint shouldn't be so bad right? 

Either way, I have amped up my training and have been really focusing on endurance & upper body strength training.  This past weekend, I put my training to the test.  I ran the Moms Run This Town Summer Safari virtual 10K with some other amazing ladies Saturday morning.  We started at 6am, knowing that it was going to be a pretty hot day.  We met at a local park with a nice paved running trail.  The run was great and totally non competitive.  We ran together at a nice pace, chatting it up!  I forgot how much I enjoy running with a group.  I'm so used to running alone that it was definitely a nice change and I really need to remember do it more often.  This was also race 11 of 14 for 2014!

After the 10K, I went over to an LVAC gym nearby for a nice stretch, shower, and snack before meeting up with 2 other amazing ladies from my facebook running group and we headed up to Mount Charleston for Camp Rhino's Elevation/Spartan training at 11am.  This was an awesome 2 hour workout that really pushed me.  It was tough and brutal at times, but so rewarding!  Getting to the top of that ski slope after carrying up a sandbag and then pulling a tire up the slope felt unbelievable.  Literally ever muscle in my body was being used.  My legs and arms were burning and sweat was just dripping off of me.  Once at the top of the slope, we could take the ski lift down or walk/run back down the very steep slope.  Let's just say, I conquered my fear of heights this day and got on that chair.  I was scared and nervous, but the view and rest were totally worth it!  

Once I got home, I had my Skoop recovery protein shake (review on that coming up tomorrow!). I stretched and took a nice warm epsom salts bath.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel too tired or sore.  I figured it was the adrenaline still running through me, but when I woke up on Sunday morning, I really wasn't as sore as I thought I would be and I made it to Sunday morning's 90 minute Camp Rhino boot camp!  I'm glad I survived this weekend!  I figured it would be a good test on where I was physically and endurance wise.  I think I did pretty good and even doubled up on boot camp classes on Monday!  Putting my body through these tests is definitely helping build up my strength, but also my confidence.  Whatever happens during my crazy Spartan weekend, I'll know that I trained hard and gave it my best.  

Race 1 of 14: Blood, Sweat, and Beers 10K Trail Run

I've been a little MIA from my blog and life in general!  I have been consumed by WPPI, the Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo since Sunday! It's been a whirl wind of non-stop activity for me and although the conference ends on Thursday, life will still be hectic for awhile.  As a wedding photographer in Vegas, March-April, is our super busy wedding season.  On top of that, I've got a ton of races coming up these next 2 months.  I see a lot of coffee in my future.  Don't worry, though, I won't be neglecting my blog just because life is gonna get a little messy (See what I did there?) I plan on blogging the whole messy journey ;) 

photo 1-2.JPG

Ok, so back to my blog post!  I am so excited I finally ran my first race of 2014, Blood, Sweat, and Beers 10K.  It was really nice to run with my husband too.  It was his first official race, if you don't count Tough Mudder, and I think he's hooked too!  

This race was organized by Desert Dash and they put on a great event!  From packet pickup to the morning of the event, it was well organized and offered a sense of community.  Everyone from the race directors to the volunteers were so friendly and informative.  I noticed they also seem to focus on other local and small businesses, which as a small business owner myself, I think is awesome! Since this was my first trail run, I was a little nervous about what to expect at the event.  But, once we got there, we noticed a real laid back, friendly environment and felt like we fit right in.  They had a good variety of food and drinks before and after the event too.  One of their sponsors is Island Boost, which I love! YAY!!  Oh and of course there was beer and root beer from a local brewery, Joseph James Brewing Company.  

photo 1.JPG

They offer 5K, 10K. half marathon, 30K, and full marathon distances.  Being our first trail run, the 10K was a perfect distance for us!  We'd done some trail running to train for it, so we were prepared for it and we had a great time.  The trail course was pretty brutal and challenging (that's a good thing!).  We ran 6.2 miles with a 750 ft of vertical climb.  Those switchbacks are no joke!  The markings along the course were clearly color coded and easy to follow.  

photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG

I really enjoyed the experience and would totally recommend it to anyone who wants a challenging, but fun race!  Just because this is a smaller local race, they do not skimp out on the goodies.  You get a nice re-usable drawstring bag with some swag, along with a nice tech tee.  The medal is super sweet too.  Plus, if it's your first race, you get to ring a bell and you get some additional bling! And who doesn't love race bling!?!? 

photo 2-2.JPG
photo 3-2.JPG
I was definitely sweaty, I drank my beer, but luckily, I have no blood to show at the end of the race :) 

I was definitely sweaty, I drank my beer, but luckily, I have no blood to show at the end of the race :)