Trails of Glory 12K | Race 13 of 14

This past Saturday Jason and I ran the Trails of Glory race put on by Desert Dash.  We also ran their Blood, Sweat, and Beers 10K trail race earlier this year and loved it.  Trails of Glory was also a great time!  We ran the 12K distance, but there were also 8K, half marathon, 30K, and full marathon distances.  Vegas is a small town and it was a local race, so we saw lots of familiar friendly faces and even saw one of our neighbors there!  For being a local race, there were lots of folks that came from all over the country and even Canada to run this race.  

The race started at 8:30am and it was sunny and warm!  We could not have asked for better weather mid-November!  The trail was just as advertised, not too technical, no steep inclines, and lots of fun.  The trail started with a bit of a decline, which was super nice and got me off to a fast start.  Jason took off ahead of me soon after the start.  He was never too far ahead, though.  At the first mile we ran by the famous "Duck Tree".  Apparently it got it's name because bikers would have to duck under it and yell "duck" to warn anyone coming behind them.  Eventually, people started putting ducks on the joshua tree for decoration and voila, Duck Tree was born.  I was having issues with my headphones and had to slow down or stop a few times to fix my music.  I seriously need a new phone!!! Anyhow, at some point around mile 3 or so I passed Jason.  At that point I started to get a little tired and the trail's elevation started to go up nice and steadily.  I slowed down some till I got to the aide station and then it was fast-going again and I had a strong finish.  I looked down at my Garmin I noticed it read 6.90 miles, not quite the 7.45 miles a 12K should be*(more on that later!).  I was sort of bummed, but didn't make a big deal about it.  I felt great and was able to take a few pictures of Jason coming through the finish line.  He came in about 10 minutes behind me.  He wasn't too happy with his time, but he hadn't been training for this race and was just happy to get out there and run a good trail.  We hung around a bit, took a quick pic with our pal, Lisa (she's awesome!) grabbed a banana and called it a day!  

We live about 12 minutes from that trail, so we stopped by our house to shower and change before picking up the kiddos at my sister's house.  When we got there we were greeted with mimosas!  I know, I say it all the time, but my sister really is the best!  Of course, we were starving after the race so after picking up the kiddos and enjoying our celebratory mimosas, we went to our usual breakfast spot, Egg Works!! 

*So, turns out some jerk (not anyone running the race) was seen removing some of the race flags and signs and most of us running the 12K missed a marker and turned too soon, cutting our race distance by half a mile or so.  Why someone would do this, is beyond me!! Grrrrrr.....

I've got one more race to run before 2015 to reach my goal! Woohoo!! How are you doing with your fitness goals this year?