Badass Dash Las Vegas Race Recap

This past weekend I ran the Badass Dash for the first time at Sam Boyd Stadium.  I ran 2 other Badass Dashes a few years ago, both were at Silverton Casino and they were lots, so I was looking forward to checking this race out.  I ran with a team of 4 others, 2 girls and 2 boys, plus me! The Badass Dash is a 7K (4.4 mile) obstacle course adventure race.  

We had a 9am start time and by then it was pretty warm outside and we were ready to get started.  Unfortunately, they don't stagger wave start times the way Spartan Races or larger marathon events do.  So, there were hundreds of people lined up for the 9am start.  They couldn't let all hundreds of us go at the same time since that would cause major congestion on course, so they let us go about 50 at a time every 5 minutes. It worked out great because there was no bottlenecking at obstacles however we waiting in the sun for almost an hour and that was no fun. I would suggest they give us staggering or wave start times, so we don't have to just wait in line for so long! That would help us prepare a lot better and we wouldn't have to wait an hour in line! 

The Badass Dash is not intended to be a super intense race like the Spartan Races or Tough Mudders.  They are geared towards having fun and are a great introduction to obstacle course races.  They have over 40 obstacles, from super easy to difficult, throughout the course which is nice! I felt like the walls were challenging but also achievable for most, so that was a big plus!  Being in a stadium, I was totally expecting the stairs to be part of the race, and boy did I feel the burn on those! Once we got through the up and down of pretty much the entire stadium stairs + all the ones outside, they set up the last 10 or so obstacles in the middle of the field.  I really thought that was pretty neat and totally different for me, since I haven't ran a Spartan Stadium Sprint yet.  Lastly, they cooled us off with a fun car wash/spider web obstacle before crossing the finish! 

Once my team was finished, it was then time for the kiddos to race! They were running with their friends which made it super fun for them.  Both Diego and Elysse did the 2K (1.2 mile) Kid Dash.  Remember those killer stairs I mentioned? This was also part of their race and I am so proud that they pushed through on those! The rest of the kid obstacles were also all in the middle of the stadium.  They did most of the same last 10+ obstacles we had during our race as well.  All 4 of them finished strong and had a great time, even if they did complain a bit about the heat! 


I would totally recommend this race if you're new to obstacle course racing and even if you are an OCR junkie! It's challenging and fun :) Go out there and give it a try.  You just might surprise yourself :) 


Badass Dash | Race 9 of 14 for 2014

I'm officially signed up fro 12 races through September and I'm sure I'll find 2 more to sign up for before the end of the year.  I am kinda surprised at how fast it's going and how easily it's been finding races!  Thank goodness for living social & groupon deals! LOL 

Our Pre-Race Selfie :)

Our Pre-Race Selfie :)

The Badass Dash is a 7K obstacle course race with about 30 obstacles throughout the course.  My hubby and I signed up through a great Living Social deal and although I had already ran the race last year with my sister, he hadn't ran it, so I figured it'd be fun to run it together.  We also met up with some other running group friends when we got there.  Also, some Camp Rhino peeps who'd already ran elite heat decided to run it again for fun with us, now they're badass!!  Having them run with us was a blast and helped push us through the tough parts!  The course had a ton of stairs, some water and mud obstacles, tunnel crawl, over and under hurdles, cargo nets and walls to climb.  Compared to last year's race, I think the obstacles were a bit more challenging, so that was a tun of fun!   There were no race bibs, but they did provide you with a timing chip at packet pickup along with a tech race shirt.  The end of the race had the regular post-race goodies - bananas, orange slices, water, and a sports drink.  Oh and let's not forget the beer!  LOL :) 

Yup, I ended up a little muddy and a few battle scars! But, that's part of the fun! 

Yup, I ended up a little muddy and a few battle scars! But, that's part of the fun! 

Have you done any obstacle course races? Do you love or hate them?  I'd love to hear from you! xo

Half Marathon Training Recap | Week 5

Ok, I admit that I have been slacking with my half marathon training!  I'm pretty behind on my milage and really hoping to start racking up the milage here soon!  Saturday, I ran my last race (Badass Dash) until Bryce Canyon Half so I'll be focusing on just training from now until July 12th!  I'll be blogging about the Badass Dash tomorrow so stay tuned!   

Monday:  REST

Tuesday: 4 miles on the treadmill then some stretches & ab work at the gym

Wednesday:  Unscheduled rest day - my inner thigh was feeling sore and I didn't want to push myself too hard since I had the Badass Dash on Saturday.  I iced, stretched, rolled, and taped my thigh.  

Thursday: Awesome Strength Training Session with Personal Trainer

Friday:  - REST 

Saturday: Bad Ass Dash - 4.5 mile obstacle course race + 2 mile hike with family at Red Rock 


Total Miles:  10.5 miles