Summer Bucket List | Bike Wash & Star Gazing

We got 2 more things off our summer bucket list this weekend!  First up, was the kid's bike wash!  We'd seen this idea on Pinterest last year and Jason thought it would be a ton of fun for the kids, so we put it on our list this summer!  It really was a family project, as the kids went with Jason to the hardware store to buy the supplies and Diego even helped with putting it together.  The kids had a fun time riding their bikes through it and keeping cool :) 


We also had Star Gazing at Red Rock Canyon on our list.  The Las Vegas Astronomical Society hosts Astronomy in the Park at Red Rock Canyon once a month.  It's a free event where members of the club invite us non-astronomers to peek into the night sky through their telescopes.  This is something we've been wanting to do since last year, but it just never worked out.  So, when we finally were able to go this Saturday we were all really excited.  We were able to see Saturn, Venus, few constellations, a nebula, a far off galaxy, and we were even shown how to find satellites flying across the sky.  Saturday was also the start of a meteor shower, so we saw some really awesome shooting stars! It really was a fun night to remember!