Our Trip to Peru: Cusco Day 2

Our second day in Cusco was jam packed.   The day was unseasonably warm and sunny!  We actually had amazing weather the entire week we were there, no rain at all! Considering we went during rainy season, we really made out great! 

After breakfast, which was provided by the hotel, we went out to purchase our Beleto Turistico.  It's basically like a CityPass here in the states.  You pay one fee and it includes admission for a lot of the archeological sites and attractions in and around Cusco and the Sacred Valley.  Once we got our ticket we started our walk to Sacsayhuama citadel.  It was not a very long walk, maybe about a mile from the city center, but it was a very steep walk uphill and there were lots of stairs.  Thank goodness for coca leaves, which helped with the altitude sickness!  

Once there we were greeted by the impressive Incan construction and massive walls!  It was also here we stalked some poor llamas for selfies and I even got to hold a baby llama - cuteness overload!!! *Be sure to tip the women with the llamas for the photo :) 

After a couple of hours at Sacsayhuama we took a taxi to Tambomachay, another archeological Inca site.  This one was not as impressive as the fortress of Sacsayhuama but it had interesting water ducts and waterfalls. More of the impressive Incan architecture.  We were pretty hot, hungry, and tired at this point so we took a local bus (quite the adventure!) back into Cusco.  Unfortunately, we got off too early and ended up walking a lot more than we expected and maybe got a little bit lost but we found our way back to our hotel thanks to the awesome app CityMaps2Go.  This app was super helpful during our entire trip.  You can download the maps ahead of time, so it'll work even without an internet connection.  WIN!! 


After lunch we went back to our hotel room to rest up and freshen up for the evening.  We walked around and did some shopping, visited the Coricancha museum and then got kicked off the grass. But, not before we took our selfie :)


After that and a stop at Starbucks, we grabbed a bite to eat and then made our way to the Museo Del Pisco Bar.  We tried a variety of piscos, which to my surpise are made from grapes like wine, but taste more like tequila! There was a live band playing everything from Bob Marley to local Peruvian songs.  It was such a perfect way to end our night!  I didn't want to leave, but we had to get up early the next day to make our way to the Sacred Valley.  We're getting closer to the main part of our trip: Machu Picchu! 

In case you missed it, here's Day 1 of our adventure!