Food Friday | Paleo Brownies

I am not the biggest chocolate lover, but I do love brownies!   It's really the only chocolate thing I crave.  Don't worry, I crave all kinds of other junk food!  

Anyhow, I found a great Paleo-friendly recipe on one of my favorite go-to Paleo recipe blogs, PaleOMG.  Not only is her food amazingly delicious, her stories are pretty funny!  I think I'd read her blog even if it didn't have the recipes!  But, obviously the recipes are the bomb.  So, if you haven't checked her blog yet, you need to!  And, just to show you how amazingly awesome her food is, I'm going to tempt you with the most amazing paleo brownies ever.   Ok, they are the only paleo brownies I've had, but they set the bar super high!  They're gluten-free and also nut-free, which is perfect since my little girl has a nut allergy.  My kids loved them and I felt good about feeding them this much more wholesome version of brownies.  The batch only lasted 2 days and I must say, I could have eaten the whole thing myself.  No Shame. 

You can get the full recipe for these amazing Magic Brownie Bars HERE!