Summer Bucket List | Camping & Drive-In Movies

So, we've got 17 days until the first day of school (but who's counting!) and then another week until Labor Day which is the official end of our Summer Bucket List Challenge.  This summer has flown by!  I'm so glad we have this bucket list to keep us from wasting the whole summer away and getting us to have a fun time together as a family.  It's so easy to get carried away in  our everyday chores, errands, and chaos that we forget to make the time have fun.  Because, that's what it's about it's about making the time to be together and being intentional about it.  

So, we had backyard camping on our list but we had to tweak it a bit and bring the camping indoors.  The Vegas heat has been intense this summer and none of us really wanted to sleep outside in the heat.  Kids still had a great time helping their dad put up the tent!  I'm calling this one a "WIN".


We also had "Mystery Activity" on our list.  Jason and I thought it would be fun to keep the kids guessing, plus it gave us some wiggle room as to what kind of activity it could be.  We ended up taking the kids to the drive-in last week.  We only told them we were going to do our mystery activity so having them try to guess what it could be was half the fun!  They were thrilled they were going to see the movie Turbo!  It was a fun night and they really enjoyed the movie.