Family Fun at the Festival


We love to have fun together as a family, but with school starting and getting back to our routine it'd been a little bit since we'd done a family outing.  So, about 2 weeks ago we made plans to go to an Italian food festival that was in town and had a bunch of carnival rides for the kids.  We took off Saturday afternoon and as we're driving, we see a very large ominous looking cloud right over the area were we were going.  As we got closer, we saw it was right over the festival!  We  went to Target (woohoo!) instead to see how the weather played out.  It began to pour and thunder almost as soon as we walked in the store.  Our plans for the day were a bust and the kids were not happy about it. But, we promised to go back the next day and so back we went Sunday afternoon.  This time, the weather was sunny and warm and the kids got to get on some rides, play carnival games, and eat some treats!  It turned out to be a pretty fun afternoon together as a family and we made some good memories.  I think fairs/carnivals are a ton of fun for families.  There's something about all the bright colors, the noise, the crazy characters you see, and the smell of all that food that just makes me feel nostalgic.  What kinds of things do you and your family like to do together?