How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy & Be Active

OOPS, so I haven't blogged all week.  I feel bad about it.  I really enjoy blogging and it helps keep me sane.  But sometimes, life gets crazy and there aren't enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done and work, laundry, dishes, all these things tend to pile up on you...BUT, that's for another blog post because I finally did carve out some time this morning to share a bit of my family life with you.  
Most of you know, I'm a mom of two kiddos!  I blog about them a ton, especially when it comes to doing fun stuff together and going on family vacations and adventures!  Today, though I want to talk about how important it is to lead by example and how to encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.  When I started this weight loss journey and began exercising regularly I did it for me.  I mean, yeah, I wanted to be able to run around with my kiddos and not be out of breathe, I wanted to be a good example to them about eating healthy and keeping active.  But guess what?  These things don't happen by osmosis.  Kids don't just become interested in eating kale chips because you are.  They won't trade video games for jumping jacks because you tell them they should be more active.  Nope.  You have to engage children.  You need to get out there and do these things with them.  They not only need to see you go for a run, they need you to invite them to join you.  It took me a little bit to realize that while I was enjoying the benefits of a healthier, more active lifestyle, my kiddos weren't as involved as I wanted them to be.  So, I made a conscious decision to change that!  And for the past year or so, we've been making changes for the kiddos too!  

Here are a few things we do & you can use to help you and your family eat healthier and be more active:

Making easy  Lexi's Clean Kitchen  no-bake nut-free Powerbites! Check out the  recipe  :) Kids love these!

Making easy Lexi's Clean Kitchen no-bake nut-free Powerbites! Check out the recipe :) Kids love these!

  • Cook together!  Having my kiddos help me cook dinner or a healthy snack helps a ton when trying new things.  It doesn't mean they'll love it, but they will at least try it because they helped make it.  And, even if they don't like a certain dish or vegetable, it's still a great way to spend time together and talk about the benefits of healthy foods verses junk food.
  •  Make Exercise Fun!  Kids are kids.  You can't pop in a workout DVD and expect them to love the burn!  You gotta make it fun for them and for us, that means taking it outside. Whether we're going on a family hike, a bike ride with daddy, or a 1 mile run I like to let them know we're not just having fun but also exercising.  We'll do fun little "boot camps" or challenges at the park.  Jason & Diego will play football or basketball.  The important thing is to stay active! 
  • Be Sneaky!  Yup, I am not above tricking my kiddos into eating healthy.  I mostly do this by adding spinach & chia seeds to all our smoothies and making fresh juices with both fruits & veggies!  Smoothies are usually a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt, a banana, milk, berries, a bunch of spinach, and a tablespoon of chia seeds.  One of Elysse's favorite juices is made with 5 carrots - 1 cucumber - 4 celery - 2 big handful of grapes!  It's fun to experiment and try new combinations and of course, have the kids help ;)   
  • Share your Passions!  I love to sign up for races and my favorite are obstacle races and lots of times my hubby runs along with me.  It's fun to take the kids to watch us run and cheer us on.  By race day, they are super excited because they saw how much we trained for that day.  They see us put in the work and then see the results of our hard work.   Nothing like your kid see you succeed and be proud of you! 
  • Get them Involved!  Not only do we sometimes take the kids along to see us race, we also sign them up for their own races!  Of course, there is nothing competitive in these races, it's just a ton of fun for them and that's what we want.  There are lots of races that have fun 1 mile family runs or are kid/stroller/walker friendly.  We want our kids to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle now and as adults!  

How do you encourage your kids to eat healthy & be active?  Feel free to share your tips too! 

Bubble Run Las Vegas | Race #2 of 14 for 2014

Last Saturday I ran the Bubble Run with a few friends and my 5 year old daughter!  It was her first 5K and she just loved it.  I knew people would be dressed in costumes, especially tutus and I explained this to her and asked if she'd like a fun outfit for the run.  Her reply was this, "No way! I'm not wearing a tutu! I'm in it to win it!"  Clearly, she has a bit of a competitive streak!!   

We picked up our packet on Friday and since kids under 6 run free she didn't get a tshirt or bib.  Of course, they sold kid packets for $20 and I had to get her one.  I'm so glad I did.  The bib really made her feel legit and the goggles they provided worked great to keep the bubbles out of her eyes.  Friday night, she could not fall asleep from the excitement, but had no problem getting up early for her 'race'.  She was ready for the fun to start.  

It was so cute seeing her reaction at the starting line when the bubbles/foam started coming down!  The race had a total of 4 different color bubble stations: pink, green, blue, and yellow.  We did a bit of running and walking, but I think for a little 5 year old, Elysse did great and never complained about being tired.  Every time she saw a bubble station she would start running and we ran all the way to the finish line.  I was very proud of my little runner!  After the run, they had a little area with a DJ and they were giving away prizes and of course, lots more bubbles!  It was hard to get our little party animal out of the bubble pit!  

All clean before the race!

All clean before the race!

Obviously, this wasn't a timed race or anything too serious for me (believe me, I have enough of those coming up!) This race was just a fun time and a good way to encourage a healthy lifestyle for my kiddos.  I want them to grow up feeling strong and healthy and having some positive experiences and fun memories being active!  My 9 yr old didn't want to do this one, but he's all signed up for Saturday's Jr. Spartan! 

What are some fun things you and your family do to stay active and healthy?  I'd love some more ideas, so feel free to share them in the comments below :) 

Pretty Muddy Women's Mud Run | Giveaway


Earlier this week I told you all about this fun women only 5K mud run and their cause.  You can read all about that HERE!  

Well, today I am here to let you know that the awesome folks over at Pretty Muddy are giving away a total of 4 entries to a mud run in the city of your choice!  

Pretty Muddy is a 5K adventurous obstacle course mud run for any woman who wants to get outside, spend time with friends, and have fun!  The race isn't timed, it's all about having fun and trying something new!  And for all your hard work, they put on a pretty epic finish line party! Not only do they have the women's only mud run, but they also offer a family edition, where you can tackle the course with your loved ones and create some pretty muddy memories together!  

Here are the details of the giveaway: 

  • 2 standard race entries (up to a $69.50 value) - offered to two separate winners
  • 2 family edition entries (up to a $45 value) - offered to two separate winners

April 26, 2014 - Dallas, TX

May 03, 2014 - Sacramento, CA

August 16, 2014 - Chicago, IL 

September 20, 2014 - Richmond, VA 

We'll have 4 total winners and each winner can choose their location.  Standard and Family Edition entries will be given away at random, so be sure you can participate in either wave.  

Contest ends February 24, 2014 at 6pm PST!  Enter below and share with anyone you know who would love to participate :) 

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