Go! Go! Sports Girls Doll Review

We are back from our super fun and much needed family getaway!  I'll be sharing lots of pictures and tips from our trip later this week, so be sure to check back soon for that!  

For today's post, I wanted to talk to all you moms out there with young girls.  My daughter is 5 years old and loves all things girly and sparkly.  Can you mom's relate?  I love her style and personality and would never want to change what she loves, but I do realize that sometimes her likes can be influenced by movies and ads!  So, I like to make sure there is some balance and by balance I mean I like her to be exposed to other influences and experiences that don't revolve around princesses.  We like to make sure she gets plenty of playtime outside, rides her bike, and runs around!  She did her first kid's obstacle race last year and will be doing the Bubble Run 5K with me later this month.  She's totally excited about it too :) 

So, when I got an email from Girls Gone Sporty looking for ambassadors with young daughters to test out and review Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls, I was all over it.  Go! Go! Sports Girls are sports-themed dolls designed as a fun and educational way to promote healthy life skills for girls. You can visit their website at www.gogosportsgirls.com for more info. I was lucky to be chosen and a week or so later, we received Maya, the gymnastics doll.  Elysse loved her and had her doing all kinds of gymnastic tricks & tumbles right away.  We've had Maya for a few months now and Elysse still plays with her and has her go to gymnastics meets.  She's even made her a little balance beam to practice on.  Now I'm looking into some beginners gymnastics classes for Elysse :)

There are 9 different sport-themed dolls, with lots more to come, and each comes with her own story book.  These dolls are made to help promote an active lifestyle for young girls.  I totally love what they are doing and support them 100%! You can purchase your own doll online at lots of retailers, including Amazon, A Mighty Girl, and Toys R Us.  I hope you check them out!  

What are some things you do to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle with your daughter(s)?  I'd love to hear your ideas too!!