Whole 30 | Weeks 3 + 4 Recap

Well, yesterday was officially my last day on Whole30.  Was I successful in the traditional sense of completing a Whole30? The "official" answer would be NO! But, I'm ok with that.  Here's how weeks 3 and 4 went down...

Week 3 was going as planned.  I knew I was hosting our monthly book club meeting that Friday and I actually created a menu that was Whole30 and was relevant to the book's story. BOOM!  However, I made one dang good charcuterie + cheese board and there went all my will power! Well, that and wine.  And by the time I got to dinner, I was like, oh well, I'll have the regular rice too and not the cauliflower rice I was supposed to have.  And, yes, you guessed it? I might as well have the dessert too! Add to that a few additional glasses of wine and nachos on week 4 and no it was not a successful Whole30. 


But, it was not all for nothing! I still feel I benefited greatly from Whole30 and that I succeeded in a lot of areas.  Starting the Whole 30 program really got me out of my rut.  I was cooking the same boring foods, which just made me crave tasty and not-so-good-for-me foods on the weekends.  It was a bad cycle. I've made some really good dishes that I will continue to make and to add some variety, I'm planning to make a few new dishes a month.  So, if you have any yummy Whole 30/Paleo recipes you love, send them my way, please!  I've also been way more consistent on my running and workouts, which is so important for me and helps me not just physically but emotionally! At the end of the 30 days, I weighed myself and I'm down 5 lbs.  Could I have done better? Do I need to lose more? Yes and Yes. But, it's way better than keeping them or gaining even more.  


The plan is to continue with my Whole30/Paleo meal planning and prepping each week.  I know that helps keep me accountable to myself and I'm way less likely to "graze" and snack on tortilla chips jus because they're available.  And on that note, I'm also not buying my "trigger foods" (ie. foods that I have a super hard time resisting!) I was buying these for the kids (wink, wink!) I am really feeling better about myself and my food choices and starting to feel like myself again.  

I'd definitely recommend the Whole 30 program to anyone who wants to feel better about  the foods they're eating and in turn feel better about themselves.  It's a lot of work and commitment and yeah, I'm not the best example but I learned a lot and it's helped me a ton too! I recommend checking it out and giving it a try for sure! 

Have you ever started something and even though you didn't complete it perfectly, still feel good about the results you got or where it left you? I'd love to hear about it and what you learned from it.  Doing Whole 30 taught me that sometimes, it's not about perfection.  It's not always about saying no 100% of the time.  It's not about beating yourself up because you ate a cookie.  Sometimes, we have to be ok with doing what we can and forgiving ourselves when we fall short of our goals.  There's grace and beauty in living our lives fully and with balance.  Balance is about knowing when to say no to the junk food and going to workout even when you don't feel like it and knowing when that glass of wine or slice of pizza is going to be good for your soul and totally worth it! XO

5 Reasons To Set Monthly Health & Fitness Goals

A new month means new goals to chase!  All year on the blog I've been sharing my monthly goals.  Today, I'd like to discuss 5 solid reasons why I think having monthly goals is a great way to keep you motivated and focused throughout the year.  

1.  Generally speaking, smaller goals are more attainable.  Less daunting goals, mean you are more likely to reach them.  

2.  You can tailor each monthly goal towards your current training needs and well, life in general.  For example, if I'm going to be taking a 10 day family vacation in April, you know I won't have a goal to run 50 miles that month!  For me, it wouldn't happen and I'd be setting myself up for failure.  A more reasonable goal would be to workout 3-4 days during the trip.  Likewise, if I know I have an obstacle race to train for, I'll give myself some pretty tough goals to reach to make sure I give it my all during training.

3.  Customizing your goals each month also keeps things fun and fresh.  You can turn it into a fun challenge and even get your friends and family involved!

4.  It can create better habits.  Let's say your goal for this month is to drink more water, specifically 64 oz. a day.  You reach your goal and are feeling the results!  You aren't going to go back to your old ways, right? Of course not, because you've created a habit and a new routine.  

5.  Lastly, having monthly goals helps you see your strength & weaknesses.  You'll begin to see patterns when either reaching or not reaching your goals and also when you are setting your goals.  Maybe you realize you aren't reaching the goals you set because they're unrealistic, so now you can break up the goal into 3 smaller monthly goals that you can reach without defeat.  

So, do you set up monthly goals?  What are some of your goals this month?  I'll be sharing my August goals tomorrow, so be sure to come back :) 

Emotional Eating & Making a Change

I've always said I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I'm stressed...you get the picture.  I like to eat.  Food makes me feel good.  Food is comforting.  It's a reward when I'm celebrating, it's a keeper of secrets when I'm feeling down, it keeps me company when I'm bored.  It's always around.  

I'm not sure when or how this relationship with food began, but it's held it's grip for years and it's not been a healthy relationship.  I've been working hard to not reward myself or my children for that matter, with food.  It's tough, but we're making progress.  For over a year now, I've been making a steady change from processed foods to healthy clean eating and whole foods.  It's more work, yes.  But, it's worth it!  Good food makes me feel better, look better, and I don't feel guilty the next day.  

So, why do I still crave the junk?  Why do I still go for the chips or ice cream when I'm down?  I know I shouldn't be eating it.  I know it won't help me feel better, but yet, I still put the spoon in my mouth and for a split second, while the ice cold smoothness goes down my throat, all is better.  Just for that split second.  And I guess it's that feeling, that comfort that I crave, that makes me have another spoonful and then another until it's all gone.  And then, I feel empty, just like that bowl.  

I don't do this on a daily basis.  It'd actually been a long time since I found comfort in food and let it take control.  But, it's happened more than once in the past few weeks and it needs to stop.  So, like everything else in my life, I'm writing it down.  

I will stop being an emotional eater.  I won't allow myself to find comfort in food, more specifically Doritos and ice cream (not eaten together, of course).  We all have the power to change.  We can all make the right choices.  You just have to want it badly enough.  Who's with me?  Anyone else deal with emotional eating?  Here's how I'm working to manage stress-eating.  Won't you join me? Let's rid ourselves of bad eating habits and take control.

  • I will hold myself accountable to my own feelings.  
  • I will write down & cope with my feelings, rather than eat them away.  
  • I will slow down and make good food choices rather than grab something quick and easy (translate: fast food).  
  • I won't keep junk food in the house.
  • I will distract myself with something productive to do rather than give in to temptation.
  • I will not ruin a good workout with bad food.
  • I will not be too hard on myself. 
  • I will take it one day at a time.

How do you cope with emotional eating?  I'd love to hear from you!