Documenting Life with Chatbooks

It's no big secret I love Instagram.  Whenever I take a picture of my daughter with my iPhone, she quickly asks, "Are you going to post it on Instagram?" Instagram has become the place for me to post tid bits of our family life and adventures.  Of course, I also post tons of pictures of food and workouts, but you'll see lots of the kiddos.  

Right before August started, I had a blog post challenging everyone to document their lives and capture their own family moments better because I know I am not the only one struggling to take out the camera, be it the point and shoot, camera phone, or DSLR.  Not only did I want to take more photos of our lives, but I also wanted to get those photos printed.  This is where Chatbooks comes in.  

Chatbooks will print your instagram photos in a book series automatically.  Every photo you share to Instagram creates a page in your book series.  It's just $6 for a 60 page 6X6" book volume.  You’ll get a notification each time you get close to 60 new pages. You can easily exclude photos from your book & edit captions.  Plus, you can order additional subscriptions for your loved ones!  My favorite feature is the hastag filter in the settings.  This allows you to only include posts that contain certain hastags in your Instagram photos.   My husband and I use #emerickiddos for all our kid pictures. This really made it easy to only print the photos we wanted for our first chatbook series because let's be honest, not everything I share on instagram needs to live outside of insta!  How many printed photos do we need of veggie juices, breakfast, and my garmin? None, really!  So, this feature made it super easy and convenient to only include what we wanted without having to go through each photo individually.  I also think it would be great when using a specific hashtag for events, such as weddings, vacations, or parties.  This way you can print a custom book from that event.  How cool is that, huh?  I can't wait to do this for our next vacation.  

I'm so excited that we finally go around to it and ordered our books!  It ended up being 18 volumes from January 2011 to now!  Let me tell you, the kids have really enjoyed looking through these.  They'll grab a book and flip through it saying things like,"That was so much fun!" or  "Oh, I remember this!"  It's exactly what I wanted out of having our images printed in these handy little books.  I've got them displayed on a bookshelf in our house, so anyone can just grab one and enjoy flipping through the photos anytime they want!

The awesome folks at Chatbooks want me to share the love, so here goes use code: AT64NCT6 to subscribe and get your first book free!  I promise you are going to love your Chatbooks just as much as we are! Oh and don't forget to download their app to really make it easy to order your first book straight from your phone ;)