Sleep Goals

With busy schedules and so much to do everyday, one thing we can tend to not prioritize is our sleep.  In my case, once the kids are finally in bed, it's the time I can either sit and relax and watch some tv with the hubs or I can play catch up on work.  Either way, plans for going to bed at a reasonable time tend to slip away and I find myself going to bed later than I wanted and morning comes too soon.  Who's with me? 

With the new year, one thing I wanted was to feel refreshed.  I hate feeling tired all the time and feeling like I don't have enough energy to last me the whole day.  I know that in order to be my best self, I need to get enough sleep.  I have never been much of a night owl myself, so for me waking up early and getting a head start to my day is ideal. In order to do this, I need to set a bedtime for myself that allows me enough sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to start my day! If I need some help to get you to bed relaxed I'll have some chamomile tea!  I also like to keep a gratitude journal that I write in before bed.  It helps to have feel-good thoughts before bed.  This year, I plan to maintaining a good bedtime routine has helped me be prepared to take on the next day.  Do you have any tried and true bed time rituals or tips to getting enough rest? 

Check out this super useful infographic with tips and tricks on how to become a morning person!