Our New Home

I am so excited to share that we have a new home!  Things have been pretty crazy around here these past few months with everything that goes into purchasing a home, packing up our old place, and still keeping up with work and family life.

We moved in right at the beginning of August and with the help of our family and some great friends, we managed to get it all done pretty quickly.  The home was pretty much move-in ready, with painting being the main thing to work on once we moved in.  Choosing paint colors was kinda stressful, but I am so happy to not have to stare at brown poopy colored walls anymore!  It's also been super exciting shopping and buying new appliances.  Talk about being a grown up, huh! We've got plans to remodel the bathroom too! Now that we're settling in, we have some fun ideas for decorating and make the space our own.  We also have a bit of work to do in the front and backyard, but we're waiting for the weather to cool down before we begin those projects.  Watch out, we are taking this homeownership thing serious.  

I've been on Pinterest way more than I care to admit and have made more trips in one week to the Home Depot than I would like. But, I'm really looking forward to decorating, remodeling, and making this house our home.

We're using the hashtag #CasaEmeric on Instagram for all things home related and sharing peeks into the house transformation!  I'll be sure to share a tour of the new place as soon it's all done.  

Tower of boxes and biggest moving truck we could find!

Tower of boxes and biggest moving truck we could find!

Fancy new appliances!  Everyone takes a selfie with their new washing machine, right?

Fancy new appliances! Everyone takes a selfie with their new washing machine, right?



XO, Jessie

Tide Dry Cleaners Review and Giveaway

Don't you just love the smell of fresh laundry?  I mean, we may not like washing, folding and putting it away and don't even get me started on matching up socks...but, that smell!  So fresh and clean!  Well, what if I told you that you could have that same fresh, clean smell in your dry cleaned clothes too?  Yup, Tide detergent now has a professional dry cleaners.  There newest location will be right here in Las Vegas at 10010 W. Sahara Ave.  and they are having their Grand Opening this Saturday, May 16th!  Be sure to stop by because your first two garments are on them! 

I got to tour the store along with other local Las Vegas bloggers last week and I was totally impressed.  Each garment goes through 7 different inspection points to guarantee clean and pressed perfection.  I especially loved the outdoor kiosk where you can drop off and/or pickup your clothes any time of day.  It kinda works like an ATM for your clothes!  

The other cool thing is the drive-thru service.  You don't even have to get out of your car because they have a 2-lane drive-thru for curbside assistance.  They realize that we all have pretty busy lives and they make it it easy to get in and out of the cleaners!  Plus: They use GreenEarth cleaning in their process that's gentle on your clothes and the environment!

Yup, I most definitely found my new dry cleaners and I'd love it if you all got a chance to experience the difference too!  So, leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win a FREE month of dry cleaning (a $75 value) from the new location at 10010 W. Sahara Ave.  Winner will be announced this Friday, May 15th.  And don't forget, swing by for their Grand Opening on Saturday, May 16th to get 2 garments cleaned for FREE!  Who doesn't love free?!? 

Life gets messy and dirty, especially when you're running obstacle course races, let's let Tide Dry Cleaners help get our clothes squeaky clean ;) 


Fashion Friday | Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

I'm here to tell you that I am not a fashionista!  Long gone are the days of "Best Dressed" awards in high school.  These days, you'll most likely find me in running shorts and a workout tank or what I like to call my "loungewear" aka old sweat pants & t-shirts! On the occasions when this attire is unacceptable, I do have very limited options to choose from, therefore you'll find me staring in my closet like something new is just going to pop out at me to wear.  This, of course, never happens and I'm left wearing the same jeans or shorts (depending on the season) with the same 1 of 3 shirts.  I'm not kidding.  Ask my husband.  It's drama.  I'm an adult woman (geez, I'm a mother) and still having the same,  "I don't have anything to wear!" meltdowns I had back in 1993!  And, let's not even talk about accessorizing.  That isn't even a word in my vocabulary.  I have a pair of silver earrings and a pair of gold earrings.  That's the extent of my accessorizing.  

So, rather than continue to be depressed about the state of my bare closet, I decide I need to go shopping.  Ha! What a joke this is.  I walk into these stores with racks of clothes and nothing draws my attention.  Everything is either too "young" looking or too stuffy.  Or if I like something one of these things 3 things will happen: 1. I don't think I can pull off that style 2. It's too expensive 3.  It really doesn't look right on me.  Then, I follow my sister's fashion mantra, "If you already wore it, you shouldn't wear it again." This of course, referring to how fashion styles just come back around.  Sure enough, all the clothes I see in the Misses department look like what I wore back in 1995, little flower dresses, combat boots and all!  Yup, I can't wear that again!  So, I go to the women's department.  Everything there looks like I'm ready to walk into a board meeting.  Not happening.  So, I walk out empty handed back to my bare closet and think now what?  What's a girl like me to do?  

It's so much easier just not to go out and believe me the thought has crossed my mind!  I go on pinterest and look around for outfit combinations and looksthat might work for me.  Most of them look too dressy, too girly, too sexy, too stuffy, too boho, too preppy and again I'm frustrated. 

Here's where Instagram comes to the rescue!  Yes, Instagram.  Somehow, someone, reposted a picture from Hilary Rushford's feed a few weeks ago.  She's a stylist and blogger at Dean Streat Society and was offering a free video series called Style & Styleability.  I've been watching the videos, downloading the worksheets, pinning outfits and pieces that inspire me, and learning a lot about myself along the way.  The biggest thing I've learned is not to be afraid to try new things. Easier said than done, I know!  I'm drawn to bright and colorful pieces and although I do own some patterned tops, I tend to shy away from being too bold because I don't like to draw attention to myself.  This is also why I shy away from jewelry and anything form-fitting.  But, alas, I will be applying some of her tips and hoping in the next few weeks I'll be able to go shopping again with a bit more confidence and direction and not just end up with another pair running shorts!  Seriously, it's so much easier to shop for workout clothes!  But, a girl has to do more than workout and when she does, she should look good ;)

I'll be back next month sometime to let you know if I've made any progress in the fashion department!  In the meantime, feel free to check out my S&S Style Board on Pinterest and maybe you'll get inspired to spice up your wardrobe or give your own closet a mini makeover!