Preparing for the LA Marathon

For the past 12 weeks, I've been training for my first marathon, the L.A. Marathon and it's finally (almost) time to go out there and see what I'm made of.  I've been a bit of a mess this week.  I'm really excited and anxious to get out there and get it done.  But, at the same time I'm nervous and of course, I'm questioning my training.  I skipped a few runs and didn't make it to the long run of 21 miles that I wanted reach.  At this point, though, all I can do is trust that I can finish strong because not finishing is not an option.  

Aside from getting myself mentally prepared to tackle 26.2 miles, there's actually a lot of "stuff" needed for race day.  Here's a quick list of what it's going to take for me to get out there on Sunday.

And now it's time for me to get a little bit mushy.  I am seriously awed by all the amazing people in my life.  From encouraging messages to waking up at 4am to run with me, I am so grateful to everyone who's been with me through these crazy training weeks.  My hubby and kiddos who never doubt that I can do this.  My sister who is coming to L.A. to cheer me on, I may or may not have guilted her into it ;) I just couldn't do this on my own, that's for sure. Thank you so much!  I'll be thinking of ya'll big time while running through the streets of LA on Sunday! XO