E-hydrate Protein and Drink Mix Review

As a mom ambassador for momsmeet.com, I was sent protein-on-the-go and drink mixes by E-hydrate to try out and review.  All opinions and comments are my own.  I was sent the protein mixes and the drink mixes for both adults and kids.  

All E-hydrate's products are natural with no artificial sugars or artificial ingredients, so I felt great about giving these to my kiddos.  My kids love to go on runs with me and we do fun kid "boot camps" together so they are pretty active.  One day after one of our 1 mile runs, I gave them each a pouch of the protein-on-the-go.  We filled it with water, shook them, and tested them out.  Both kids liked the flavor, we had chocolate and cinnamon roll.  Each pouch has 10 grams of protein, electrolytes, and only 70 calories, so it's a nice, healthy snack after they've been running around all day!  I think they'd work great for after school or after a sporting event.  

I too had my protein on-the-go.  Filled it up with water and shook it.  I will say it was not super smooth and I still had some lumps of protein that didn't dissolve completely.  I guess I should have shaken it more...The flavor was ok for a protein shake.  I never expect them to be the most delicious thing ever, but they get the job done.  At 25g of protein + electrolytes it's great for recovery after a hard workout or a long run.  I think they'd be great to take hiking too! 

Next up to try were the drink mixes.  The kids mix is provides the electrolytes and immunity support, again without the added sugars or artificial ingredients.  It has 0 grams of sugar, 4 carbs and only 15 calories.  They're a great alternative to sports drinks and are small and convenient to keep on hand.  My kids really enjoyed all the flavors, especially the strawberry lemonade.  

The adult drink mix provides hydration + energy.  Which one of us busy moms couldn't do with a little more energy, right?  Again, they're way better for you than a sports drink with 0 sugar, 1 carb and 4 calories, and super convenient to carry in your bag.  I added a pouch to my water bottle and took it to the gym with me. The tastes great and kept me feeling strong throughout my entire workout.  

If you have an active family and want to keep quick and easy protein and hydration on hand, I would definitely recommend E-hydration.  The protein pouches and drink packets are easy to store and don't take up much room.  Check out their website where you can learn more about their products, read reviews, and order directly online.

Product Review | Nutrition53's Lean 1 Supplements

Last month I was contacted by Nutrition53, a California-based health and fitness company, and they offered me a Lean1 Fat-Burning Meal Replacement special care package, which is part of their line of healthy supplements, for you to try out and provide a review of on my blog. 

Bill Romanowski, a former NFL player, is Nutrition53's founder and CEO.  After his career in the NFL, and with his interest in nutrition, he brought together leading doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to come up with unique formulations for premium nutritional products for a fit and healthier lifestyle. 

I received individual 6 packets of each, Lean1 & Lean 1 Pro, in chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and chai flavors.  They also threw in a handy shaker, which I love and use often ;) 

Lean1 primarily functions as a meal replacement because it fulfills daily dietary requirements. It is a healthy and complete meal in a drink. One serving is 200 calories, this is of course with just water.  It also packs 20g of lactose-free protein.  Lean1 also contains 17 fruits and vegetables, 7g of dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and 27 vitamins & minerals.  Other key ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean extract will aid in triggering your metabolism to speed up and burn more fats. 

Lean1 Pro is a fat burning protein shake and is not intended as a meal replacement, but rather to be used either before or after your workout.  It has 230 calories per serving and provides you with 30g of lactose-free protein.  It also has green coffee bean extract to help burn more fats and branched-chained aminos for lean muscle definition, and leucine peptides for muscle growth.  

So, now that you know what's in them, the next question is: How do they taste?  Well, they're not bad.  They're protein shakes and taste like protein shakes.  No, it's not a delicious Haggen-Daz chocolate shake but it's still pretty tasty.  Normally, I mix my protein shakes with almond milk and half a banana or a few frozen strawberries, but I had these with just water and I didn't gag!  This is a plus, since I've tasted some protein shakes that I can't finish due to the chalky taste.  I'll be honest and say I am not a huge fan of drinking my meals, so I don't frequently have meal-replacement shakes.  I do have a protein shake almost daily after my workout though.  For product tasting purposes, I did have the Lean1 meal replacement shake to replace my breakfast one morning and I was surprised that it did actually fill me up until lunch.  I won't be trading my egg white, turkey bacon, and spinach omelets for a shake every morning, but now I know that I can have a healthy and filling shake on mornings where I just don't have time to cook or when I'm looking for something a different.

Bottom line: I would totally recommend the Lean1 and Lean1 Pro shakes.  If you're like me and enjoy a protein shake before or after a nice workout at the gym, I think you'll find these to be tasty and filling.  Here's their website for more info: Nutrition53!  They also offer various other protein powders, including a vegan version, and multi-vitamins.

Do you like protein shakes?  If so, what's your favorite?  Sharing is caring! 

Skoop Protein Powder Review

As most of you know, I try to lead a Paleo lifestyle about 80% of the time.  This means I don't have wheat, dairy, or legumes on a regular basis.  This being said, I do enjoy having protein shakes after my workouts every so often, so when the folks over at Skoop contacted me about trying out their product I was all over it, especially since their protein powder is plant-based and not whey or soy.  Their products are made with real whole-foods and not a bunch of chemicals with names I can't pronounce!  

Skoop offers 3 products: A Game, B Strong and B Lovely.  I was given samples of A Game and B Strong to sample and review.  First off, I am a huge fan of nice packaging and I really love the simple and clean graphics found on their packaging, marketing, and website.  Also, for every serving of Skoop sold, they donate one serving of fresh fruits and veggies to a school lunch program in America and that is really something I can stand behind!  But, now on to the actual review:

Let's start with A Game.  A game is packed with 10 servings of fruits and vegetables!  You can read all about the amazing benefits it offers HERE!  Sadly, I didn't love the taste.  I tried it in oatmeal and I just couldn't eat it.  I then mixed it with a B Strong smoothie although I didn't love that one either, I was able to finish it.  I think for people who do not eat enough fruits and veggies in their diet, it may be worth a shot, though.  It's packed with probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, and micronutrients and has so many nutritional benefits, that I'm still not ready to say no to it!  I have 2 packets left that I intend on trying in another smoothie or mixed with fruit and yogurt.

As for B Strong, this I loved!! Here are some key things to know about this awesome powder:

  • B Strong contains 160 calories, 16 g of protein, and 6 g of fiber.  It can be a snack, post-workout treat, or meal replacement.  My favorite way to have it has been as a post-workout treat :)
  • B Strong is a plant-based protein powder that promotes a three-stage process to help your body absorb nutrients, build muscle and recover quickly.  
  • B Strong contains prebiotics that promote a happy belly and help the gut absorb macro & phytonutrients throughout your day. 
  • It has a complete profile of amino acids that promote the growth of lean muscle tissue.

I've mostly been using it in post-workout smoothies with a cup of almond milk, half a banana, and mixed berries.  One day I ran out of almond milk so I made my drink with a cup of water, a banana, and a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter.  This was bomb!  I was surprised it was so good without the almond milk!  Plus, I can honestly say, that I have noticed the aid in recovery after a tough workout!  I'm hooked.  I can't wait to try out some of the recipes they have on Pinterest, such as chocolate chia pudding and grain free coconut vanilla latte bites!

Bottom line:  If you are looking for a super healthy protein powder made from plant based real whole food, then you gotta try Skoop!  

Be sure to check out more from Skoop on their website and social media sites:

Website: www.healthyskoop.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/healthyskoop

Instagram: www.instagram.com/healthyskoop

Blog: www.thedailyskoop.tumblr.com