Road Trip in a Box | The Happy Family Movement

I am so excited we FINALLY got to use our Road Trip in a Box kit from The Happy Family Movement!  If you haven't been over to their website, you're missing out on a great resource for family fun!  I met Josh & Jenny, the fab couple behind the website, a few years ago at a photographers workshop and have gotten to know them throughout the years.  They took our family photos last year & we just love them!  They are truly inspiring and I love how they are honest about family life and focus on living intentionally.

Isn't the packaging just too cute?!?! 

Isn't the packaging just too cute?!?! 

Anyhow, awhile back I won this Road Trip in a Box kit from the giveaway they hosted (woohoo!).  We have been on lots of trips since then, but none were road trips long enough that I felt we needed or could use the Road Trip in a Box until now.  We took it out and used in on our road trip to Ensenada, Mexico.  You can read all about the trip HERE!  

The Road Trip in a Box comes with a manual that helps plan your trip and has helpful tips on what to pack, etc.  It's great if you're new to road trippin' with kiddos or if you haven't been to successful in the past ;) It also includes activities with instructions all wrapped up with a designated time to open them during the trip.  These activities really helped us have fun during the trip and gave the kids something to look forward to, as well.

I highly recommend checking out their website for lots of family fun ideas, especially their Summer Bucket List Challenge coming up!  Of course, if you are planning a road trip with your little ones, this Road Trip in a Box is a real lifesaver.  It's just got simple and fun activities that the whole family will enjoy together.  It makes the time driving to your destination part of the adventure and not just a long boring drive.   Our kids would really look forward to when it was time to open a new package because they knew they'd be getting out of the car and doing something fun.

Check out more from The Happy Family Movement and their Road Trip in a Box is on sale right now!  You don't want to miss out on all the fun! 

Spring Break Road Trip 2014 | Las Vegas to Ensenada, Mexico

In case you didn't already know it, I love to travel!  I love getting out and seeing new places.  I get it from my parents :) Anyhow, our last family trip was in August and it didn't go so great (Elysse got sick and we had to cut it short!) You can read all about it HERE.  Needless to say, I was itching to get away as a family.  Diego's school is year-round, so rather than the conventional 3 months off during the summer, he gets 3week track breaks throughout the year, the first was in November and now in March.  We figured we'd take advantage of the time off and call it Spring Break!  Our little road trip consisted of driving to San Diego from Las Vegas then from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico.  We arrived late afternoon to La Jolla Beach where we were all ready to run around in the sand and stretch our legs!  

The next day, I got up early and went on a quick 2 mile run before our super fun whale watching tour.  We were told not to expect too much since they don't always see whales, but we were in for a major treat!  We first saw a huge pod of about 100 common dolphins playing and jumping over the waves made by the boat.  This was Elysse's favorite part since she was really able to see them up close.  And then, not only did we see whales, but we saw them mating! Yup, 3 huge grey whales (2 males, 1 female) were frolicking and courting right in front of our boat.  It was an amazing sight!  Talk about getting close to nature!  Diego had a few questions afterwards....awkward!!! Aside from those whales, we also saw 2 others in the distance for a total of 5 whale sightings!  

After the tour we had some lunch and drove the second half of our trip to Ensenada, Mexico.  We  were all beat from the drive, but we were super hungry so we found a taco place and enjoyed some delicious local food!  The next morning we went to see La Bufadora, one of the largest blowholes in North America.  The street leading to the blowhole is lined with vendors selling all sorts of things from food and drinks to toys and tshirts!  The kids loved it and Diego got to haggle with the vendors! It was pretty funny, but they did come down in price for him ;) 

Yes, they were hoping people would give them money.  Nobody did! 

Yes, they were hoping people would give them money.  Nobody did! 

I wasn't expecting the weather to be as warm as it was so I didn't pack swim suites.  Elysse was dying to play in the sand at the beach, so we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart (yup, they even have Starbucks & Costco!) got some bathing suites for the kids and spent the rest of our afternoon playing at the beach, collecting seashells, and enjoying the beach all to ourselves! It was perfect! 

The next day, I woke up a little early and did a quick 20 minute interval workout that my trainer gave me before we left.  It felt great to get 2 workouts in during the trip, especially since I wasn't being 100% paleo ;)   On our last full day, we drove out to La Cava de Marcelo, a cheese farm I had heard of on Trip Advisor.  It was so worth the drive!  We enjoyed a nice tour of the farm, learned how they make their artisan cheeses, and had a tasting of 5 different cheeses in the cave.  Afterwards, the kids played around and we ate a delicious lunch al fresco!  We ended our evening with some shopping along the main street of Ensenada and a seafood dinner!


This trip was a lot of fun and wasn't too packed with activities, so we were all able to just relax and enjoy our days away from the routine.  The drive back to the US however, was not very fun and traffic to get across the border was over 2 hours, even with ReadyPass, which is faster.  I think the regular line was about 4 hrs!! As soon as we crossed the border we headed to Balboa Park so the kids could run around and stretch before the long ride home.  

Huge thanks to Happy Family Movement for their Road Trip in a Box!  Those packages made our trip a lot more fun.  I'll be blogging all about that on Monday, so stay tuned!  Thanks for sticking around and reading all about our latest adventure!  Do you have any fun adventures planned with your family soon? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below ;)