Lifeway Kefir | Summer Smoothie

Last week I received my first opportunity to review a product with Influenster.  Yippie!!  They sent me a coupon for a free Lifeway Kefir product.  I chose the organic strawberries and cream kefir. I can't wait to also try their new frozen kefir, so I hope to find it soon :) 

I made a great smoothie with it, since it's got a thick consistency to it.  I added ice, a banana, and about a cup of kefir into the blender and the kids loved it!  It was super easy to make and the benefits of the probiotics are great for the kiddos and well, the whole family too!   

I'm excited to try some other variations to our smoothie and adding different fruits to it!  It's a great on-the breakfast or healthy afternoon snack :)

Thanks Lifeway Kefir & Influenster for letting us try out this yummy product :)