2015 A Year in Review: Travels, Races, and Family Fun

With just a couple of days left in the year, I thought it would be fun to revisit 2015 today.  The year started off rough and we had lots to deal with as it went on with Jason's injury and following surgeries.  There were days that we just could not see the light.  But, we aren't the type to let our lives be dictated by our circumstance.  Sure, things were not ideal, but we knew they could be much worse. So, we made the best with what we had.  We kept positive and moving forward with our lives.  

Even with the ups and downs, we had such a full year.  We got to travel to some fun places with our family and Jason and I even got away without the kiddos to San Francisco+Sonoma County.  We took the kids camping in Utah for the first time.  We spent a super fun weekend with our family in Huntington Beach, CA!  The kids and I hiked to the Colorado River.  We got to go boating in Lake Mead.  I ran my first trail half marathon  in Red Rock Canyon and my 3rd Tough Mudder.  I won a free registration from Pace Per Mile to Walt Disney World's Wine & Dine Half Marathon, so we all went to Florida for 8 days! The kiddos ran the Disney Kid 1 mile race.  We visited all 4 Disney parks and visited with friends that are like family.  I also ran the Disneyland Half Marathon to complete the Coast to Coast Challenge.  I ran 3 Spartan races (2 with the hubs) and got my 2nd Trifecta.  The kids ran the Spartan Kid race too.  Lastly, I won another free registration to the Run Laughlin Half Marathon in December, which turned out to be a great race.  

I'm looking forward to starting 2016 with new goals and plans.  I'm looking forward to fun adventures with my family and taking on new challenges.  But, for now, I'm happy to look back and reflect on all the good things that have taken place and not to dwell on what could have been or feel bad for the huge curve ball life threw our way.  Today I choose to be grateful for all the wonderful things and places I've been.  I'm grateful for my family's constant support.  I'm happy to be where I am in life.  It may not be exactly where I want to be, but it is a lot closer than I was before. And for that, I am grateful.  

What's your favorite memory of 2015?  Are you looking forward to 2016? What goals do you have for the new year?

Spartan Race | #WhyIRace

Spartan Race started a new campaign recently asking folks to share their story.  Everyone has a story as to why they race.  Below is my reason.  I race for many reasons.  I race to keep myself motivated in my fitness journey.  I race to be a good role model for my kiddos.  I race to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  I race for those who can't.  I race to prove that I can.  I race because it's fun.  But, mostly to be stronger than I was before.  

I've never been athletic.  Running was not something I did for fun.  Running wasn't something I did.  Period.  Finding this new passion in running and obstacle course racing has been an amazing addition to my life!  It's woken up a spark in me to be stronger, healthier, and better than I was before.  

What's your story?  Why do you race?  Share your story HERE

Half Marathon + Spartan Training Update

So, I registered for the Wild Land Fire Awareness Half Marathon 2 weeks ago and in that time, I've been getting my running groove back and I've noticed a few differences already in my training.  Since it's a trail race, I'm hoping to get more trail running into my schedule.  So far, I've ran trails once each week and I'm hoping to stick to  1 or 2 trail runs a week.  I'm so grateful to the awesome running groups I'm a part of.  Some of these ladies are avid trail runners, so it's not hard finding group trail runs to join, since I'm still nervous of running on trails alone.  I am usually in the back of the group, but I'm ok with that ;) 

Another difference this time around, is that I am way more relaxed when it comes to my training schedule than I was my other 2 half marathons.   In the past, I have been very consistent with my Hal Higdon training schedule, but these few weeks my trail runs have been longer than what the training plan called for and I was totally ok with it.  I've also skipped some shorter runs and either called it a rest day or added strength training instead.  For you more experienced half marathon runners, is this normal?  Does this happen to you too or do you still stick to your training plan? 

Having the Las Vegas Spartan Super coming up April 18th also makes this half marathon training a bit challenging.  I want to keep up with my running schedule, but I also know I need to work on my endurance and strength training if I want to complete the Spartan Super without too many penalty burpees!  Spartan races are so much about upper body strength and  Body Pump and Kettle Bell classes at LVAC are big parts of my training.  I also meet with my personal trainer once a week and we do full body workouts with an emphasis on upper body strengthening and core work.  And of course, no Spartan training would be complete without a few visits to Camp Rhino!  Ya'll know how much I love this place.  Every Saturday they offer practice obstacle course races in their facility, where you get to try out the cargo nets, tire flips, getting over walls, and tons more!  They are now also offering Spartan Trail Practice races up until the Vegas Super.  This allows you to check out the obstacles in a more realistic outdoor setting.  I personally think this is a MUST DO if you want to get a feel for what the race is going to be like.  Vegas peeps, check it out!  Thank me later ;) I'll be out there soon getting my butt kicked for sure!  

So, there you have it.  Lots of training planned for the upcoming months!  I'm feeling confident about completing my first trail half marathon distance, just really going to work on getting stronger for those inclines and hoping to get faster.  Now, what are you training for right now?  I'd love to hear how your training is coming along too :)