Running, Cheaper than Therapy | Is it?

I'm so excited to have started this blog earlier this year.  It's definitely helped keep me accountable and motivated in my journey to getting healthy & fit and I hope it's helped some of you out there to stay motived in your own journeys too.  

Getting into running races has been much more than just throwing on a pair of sneakers & running!  Honestly, I'm not so sure the saying "Running is cheaper than therapy" is very accurate.  I've had to make some financial adjustments to account for the race registrations, my never ending need for sports bras and running shorts, protein shakes, and running fuels!  Then there's the hydration belts, compression socks, headbands, and KT Tape!  Yup, this running thing has not been cheap.  But, I love this newfound hobby/obsession and I'm willing to make some changes for it.

 I register for races because they keep me motivated and give me something to focus on.  I run and workout  because it makes me feel strong.  It makes me feel happy.  It's something I do for myself and believe me, when you are a mom, wife, and business owner, doing things for yourself can often take the back burner.  Who's with me? 

So, although running my not be cheap, it's definitely better for me. I have more energy and it makes me feel good about myself.  I am happier when I exercise and a happy mom makes for a happier family.  I'm making a commitment to become a better person both inside and out and that is totally worth it for me.  How about you? What's your therapy?