September Fitness Goals

August was a busy month for me and my family.  We had our annual summer SoCal Beach trip (I'll be sharing highlights & photos later this week).  It was also our wedding anniversary on the 28th so we had a fun filled weekend.  Not to mention all my half marathon training and work!  With everything that was going on in August, I still managed to meet all my fitness goals for the month.  Granted, they weren't too difficult.  I knew August would be busy and I didn't want to set myself up for failure ;) 

I ended up reaching 62 total miles for the month as I trained for the Disneyland Half Marathon coming up this weekend.  Lots more water intake and healthier meals have also been much better this month.  Plus, we've been getting out as a family more and going on family walks/hikes/jogs together and it's definitely helping the kiddos get more active.  YAY for a great month.  

September is already shaping up to be a busy month of travel.  We'll be in SoCal again this weekend for the Disneyland Half Marathon, then I go to Sonoma, CA the following weekend for work, and then it's a weekend in Utah with the family!  YIKES! With all this traveling, I'm nervous my eating will go down the drain.  I really don't want this to happen, so I'm giving myself some tough, yet realistic goals this month.  Heres to hoping I can stay on track and make some progress!  How about you?  What are your goals this month?  What do you plan on doing to reach them? Let's here it! 

Highlights From My 14 in 2014 Race Challenge

Last year I accepted the challenge of running 14 races in 2014 and I've been chronicling each race here on the blog.  Feel free to go back and check them all out, HERE!  I've gotta say, I'm really proud for achieving this goal, but I'm kinda glad it's over.  I really enjoy running races, but ensuring I had 14 throughout the year was tough at times.  I was literally scheduling my life around races, not that I minded that too much (wink wink)!  We got to travel a bit for races too, which I loved, except when Jason forgot to pack our bag with my race sneakers for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.  Yea, that wasn't too fun.  Thankfully, it all worked and I ran the race in new shoes thank to my sister!  We also traveled to Temecula, CA for what should have been my Spartan Trifecta weekend.  I'd ran the Spartan Super in April here in Vegas and was all set to run the Spartan Beast & Sprint SoCal but the weather had other plans.  There was a major heat wave and although I did finish the Beast with my girl, NinjaEve, the Sprint was canceled the following day.  I really enjoyed running the Spartan Beast, even though it was a pretty brutal course, and I'm looking forward to going back and trying for my trifecta again next weekend! AROO!!!!

A few other favorite races were the Bubble Run 5K because I got to run it with my 5 year old daughter and that was just a blast!  I also had fun running the Komen Race for the Cure 5K with my sister.  Of course, I can't forget Tough Mudder and facing my fear of heights.  Different than Spartan in so many ways, Tough Mudder has a way of changing me for the better each time I run it.  I can't wait to see what Tough Mudder X3 has in store for me in 2015. 

Running 14 races in 2014 ranging from fun 5Ks to a half marathon and physically grueling OCRs, taught me that I am capable of so much more I give myself credit for.  We are all capable of so much more. Our bodies are strong and can get us through anything, it's our minds we have to convince otherwise.  I see that now.  But, most importantly, this year has shown me how much support I have from my family and friends.  I could not ask for better people in my life and I don't know what I've done to deserve it.  I just know I couldn't get along without them.  I couldn't get along without friends willing to french braid my hair at 10pm so I don't have frizzy hair for a race, for a sister who is willing to drive over 3 hours to watch the kiddos while we run a half marathon, for friends & parents who don't complain when I ask them to watch my kiddos so I can run and train for races, for racing OCR peeps who run & encourage me even though I'm slower than they are!  Thank you! 

Yes, 2014 has shown me so much love and support.  It's made me appreciate those in my life so much and I hope to always be there for them like they are for me.  I'm ready to take on 2015 running some fun and challenging races.  I know I won't ever be alone.  This journey is not mine alone, it's a journey I started for myself, but has become so much more than that.  It is about finding inspiration where there was none before, it's about motivating not just myself but those I love.  No, I won't be running 15 in 2015, but every race I run this year I will run with purpose.  I will give it my best because it's the least I can do for everyone who is helping me get to where I am going.  Where that is exactly, I'm not sure, but wherever this journey takes me has got to be way better than where I was before.  It's already been a fun ride so far! 

Where will 2015 take you?


World's Toughest Mudder 2014

There are athletes and then there are tough mudders.  These men and women supreme.  This year World's Toughest Mudder was held in Lake Las Vegas and I had the privilege of being part of my friend, Eve's PIT crew.  She was part of the first ever all women's team to participate in World's Toughest Mudder! Yea, I was stoked to be a part of that team, even if I wasn't running it!    A few other folks and friends I knew from Camp Rhino were also participating in the event and I got to support and be there for them too!  It was such an amazing experience to be there among such badasses!  It really takes a different kind of person to participate in this 24 hour event.  Most of these people have been training and participating in Tough Mudder events all year to make it to this point.  To be at World's Toughest Mudder 2014.  

Would you jump?

Would you jump?

If you don't know, World's Toughest Mudder is a 24 hour obstacle challenge with double the obstacles per mile of any other Tough Mudder event.  This year, each 5 mile lap consisted of 23 obstacles with an elevation gain of 800 ft per lap!  Participants entered either in teams or individually and have 24 hours to complete as many laps of the course as possible.  If a mudder fails to complete an obstacle, they have to complete a penalty option.  I gotta say, I love the names of some of these obstacles, such as sewage outlet, ladder to hell, birth canal, and tight fit!  Of all the obstacles, the most terrifying for me would be the The Cliff, a 36 foot drop into the lake.  Yea, I'd most definitely be doing the penalty option for that one ;)

I spent my morning helping where I could with setting up the PIT/ Camp area.  It's amazing how much effort and time is spent into getting ready for something like this!  And not to mention how much stuff is needed!  From food, clothes, wetsuits, water, vaseline (don't ask!) medication, etc..  


It was so exciting to watch them take off.  You could feel the buzz and the energy from the runners.  It almost made me want to put down my camera and go running with them..ALMOST! I stuck around until they got back from their first lap, but I had to go and work (shoot a wedding) for a few hours before coming back that evening. 

Only in Vegas do you see a limo at WTM! 

Only in Vegas do you see a limo at WTM! 

When I got back the team was in the middle of their fourth lap.  While I waited for them to come through, I got to help out another friend gather a few things from his tent before heading out to run another lap.  When my friend's team came back they were freezing cold but in good spirits and most of them went back out for another lap.  This is around the time it got ugly!  And by ugly, I mean windy.  Being out in the desert with 30+ mile per hour winds brings on some nasty dust storms and dropped the temperature down to nearly freezing after midnight!  We struggled to keep the canopy tent from blowing away, but once we brought it down it was a bit better.  Battling that wind/dust storm and cold during the night was truly another challenge to the course and I am so proud of these women for braving it out there all night.  Some ran, some rested, but nonetheless they all stuck it out and were there for each other.  That's what being a team is all about. 

The day after WTM we had family over for dinner (yup, I was totally sleep deprived!) and my nephew asked why? Why do they do it? Why do people sign up for this?  Good question.  Why do they do it?  {Stay tuned for a few interviews coming up in the next couple of weeks where I ask some of these athletes that same question.}  They aren't necessarily in it to win it.  No, the ladies on this team and all other Tough Mudders have their own personal reasons for participating in World's Toughest Mudder.  Yeah some do it for the prize money, the recognition, the sponsorship, the fame, but most...most do it for reasons way beyond that.  I think they do it because they want to see how far they can push themselves both mentally and physically.  Because they want to challenge themselves.  They do it to show how far they've come.  Because it's who they are.  Because coming out of something like this changes a person.  Because if you can do this, you can do anything.  They do it because they can.  

How about you?  Would you ever run a World's Toughest Mudder?  I'm not sure I have it in me for 24 hrs but I'm already registered for my 3rd Tough Mudder in 2015! You should join me :)