Our Family Fun Fall Bucket List

Like I mentioned on Monday, my son's school has changed to a year round school to help with overcrowding.  There are 5 different tracks in the school, which means one track is out on break at all times and this means there's room for more children in the school, without necessarily having more children in each classroom.  It can get confusing, trust me.  Anyhow, since he won't have a 3 month long summer break anymore, we're making mini bucket lists for each track break instead of our big summer bucket list we do every year. 

He's off on his first track break all of November and so far this week, we haven't done a whole lot of stuff.  I made up some schedules in the hopes I won't get so many, "Mom, what can I do now?" throughout the day!  We're also heading to the store today to get some art & craft supplies to help the days go by without too much TV and MineCraft!  Here's our Family Fun Fall Track Break Bucket List! Ok, ok, taking 2 AR tests a week is probably not super fun, but I've gotta keep it balanced!  I'll be sharing the real fun as we mark those things off our list!  I'm super excited about them doing the Piglet Dash at the Dirty Dash later this month! Anyone else have a fall bucket list?  What kind of activities do you do in the fall with your family?  I'd love to hear from you! 

Fall Bucket List.jpg