2017: A Year in Review

Here we are at the end of yet another year.  Most years go by really fast for me but, I think 2017 didn't go by as fast as other years.  We definitely had some busy seasons with work and travels, mostly during the summer and October, but the rest of the year felt smooth and less rushed than others. I'm so not complaining about that! I am not one to glorify busy and enjoy taking time to enjoy my days and not feel rushed.  

A big highlight of the year for me was becoming part of the Rock N Roll Marathon Series ambassador program, called Rock N Blog and I'm excited to be a part of the team again for 2018!  This definitely set the tone for my running schedule for the year.   I ended up running 18 races!  Seven of these were virtual 5Ks, but they still came with some awesome race bling!! One was the Run Love Virtual 5K by Running Skirts and the other 6 were with the Rock N Roll Race Series!  I also did a fun non-competitive community 5K with the kiddos. And 2 more 5Ks, one at  Rock N Roll San Diego and the other at Rock N Roll Las Vegas as part of the Remix Challenge.  I ran 2 obstacle course races, the Vegas Spartan Super and the Badass Dash.  Lastly, I ran a total of 6 half marathons this year. By far, the most half marathons I've ran in 1 year! My favorite was the San Diego Half Marathon, not because I PRed or anything, but because it was such a fun race! If you want to check out any or all the race recaps, you can do so HERE


Traveling and getting out to explore new places, near and far, is a big part of our lives. This year, 3 of our trips were race-cations! We traveled to San Diego, Seattle, and Napa for me to run half marathons + we got vacations out of it too, I'd say it was a win-win for everyone!  For Spring Break we visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Malibu. We took our summer family vacation visiting the Pacific Northwest. We spent 2 days in Seattle and rest of our week was spent in Oregon.  We stayed in Portland and saw the main sights in the city, as well as visiting the Oregon Coast and the Colombia River Gorge, including the famous Multnomah Falls.  We also took a kid-free weekend getaway trip to San Diego, mostly to run the Rock N Roll 5k + half marathon but also to unwind a bit.  It was great.  Another trip we took was to the Sonoma/Napa Wine Valley.  That was a fun trip we took with our friends without the kiddos too.  I ran the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon and the rest of the time we visited some amazing wineries and ate some delicious food! 


We also planned smaller weekend and day trips throughout the year to Southern California, Valley of Fire, Willow Beach at the Arizona border, and Sand Hollow State Park in Utah.  We had a great Summer Bucket List, full of activities and even though we didn't finish everything on the list, it was a ton of fun!  This year we also celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary! 


This time of year, I always like to reflect on all aspects of my life and really take note of what worked, what didn't, where I can improve, and start planning for the upcoming year.  It can be difficult to balance life and I know it's impossible to get it all right, all the time.  The best I can do is learn from my experiences, grow, and start off with a good plan. I hope you too take the time to reflect and learn from this past year and not just dwell on what didn't go right, but really embrace and appreciate all the good too! XO Jessie

2016: A Year in Review

Hey remember me? Yea, it's been a hot minute since I blogged. OOPSY! These past 2 months away from the blog has shown me that I really do love blogging. Coming here and sharing our family travels, the ups and downs of life, and having a place to log my running and staying accountable to my fitness goals is really important to me.  So why did I take a blogging break? Because I got lazy.  That's the plain and simple truth about it.  And it cost me.  Not being accountable with my fitness goals these last few months has definitely left it's pounds, um, I mean mark.  No, really, the pounds came on too!  Plus, I missed having a place to share and update on what's been going on in this messy life of mine.  

But, this isn't a blog post about regrets and feeling sorry for myself.  With a new year, comes a clean slate and I've had some time to meditate on what it is I want to focus on with this blog and I plan on sharing lots of great things in the coming weeks and months.  I hope you stick around around for the ride.

Before we get started on making It's a Messy Life better than ever in 2017, I want to look back at all the fun and adventures we had in 2016.  

The biggest thing for us in 2016 is that we purchased our home!  After living in Las Vegas for 7 years, we finally decided to plant some roots.  Although purchasing our home seemed to take up most of our time and resources this year, it was a great decision and we're excited to be homeowners! I look forward to sharing more from our home, as we decorate and make it our own. 

2016 also marked our 20th wedding anniversary in August! My family threw us a sweet 1920's theme anniversary party at my sister's house and it was such a fun time.  And, Jason and I decided to put off the bathroom remodel in the house and take ourselves on an epic adventure to Peru!  We took off without the kids for 8 days and crossed off a few things from our bucket list, including visiting Machu Pichu! I can't wait to share more from our trip soon and share tips and tricks to traveling outside of the country.  

Aside from these 2 major events, I also ran the LA Marathon in February.  This was my first full marathon. 26.2! I was so grateful to have my family there cheering me on!  You can read the recap HERE and check out the fun we had afterwards too exploring LA with the kiddos on THIS blog post.  

In other running related news, I  finished the year with a pretty low milage of 327.30 yearly miles. Although it was not a year full of a ton of races, the races I did run were great.  I especially loved running the Terrain Mud Run 5K as a family! I just realized I didn't blog about that, so be on the look out for that race recap, along with some pretty funny pics of my kiddos in mud ;) For more race recaps of 2016, go HERE

As a family, we had a pretty fun year too! We went on our 2nd annual summer camping trip to Lake Navajo in Utah.  We traveled to LA twice and Ventura Beach.  We saw the super bloom at Death Valley, enjoyed seeing it snow up in Mount Charleston in December, we spent lots of spring and fall afternoons hiking Red Rock Canyon, and visiting the water parks this summer

Although it was a stressful and busy year (yeah, I know, which year isn't, right?) I still think 2016 was noteworthy and we can always find some good in every season of our life.  I hope you also took the time to reflect on this past year and were able to find the good in it too!  

XO - Jessie 





2015 A Year in Review: Travels, Races, and Family Fun

With just a couple of days left in the year, I thought it would be fun to revisit 2015 today.  The year started off rough and we had lots to deal with as it went on with Jason's injury and following surgeries.  There were days that we just could not see the light.  But, we aren't the type to let our lives be dictated by our circumstance.  Sure, things were not ideal, but we knew they could be much worse. So, we made the best with what we had.  We kept positive and moving forward with our lives.  

Even with the ups and downs, we had such a full year.  We got to travel to some fun places with our family and Jason and I even got away without the kiddos to San Francisco+Sonoma County.  We took the kids camping in Utah for the first time.  We spent a super fun weekend with our family in Huntington Beach, CA!  The kids and I hiked to the Colorado River.  We got to go boating in Lake Mead.  I ran my first trail half marathon  in Red Rock Canyon and my 3rd Tough Mudder.  I won a free registration from Pace Per Mile to Walt Disney World's Wine & Dine Half Marathon, so we all went to Florida for 8 days! The kiddos ran the Disney Kid 1 mile race.  We visited all 4 Disney parks and visited with friends that are like family.  I also ran the Disneyland Half Marathon to complete the Coast to Coast Challenge.  I ran 3 Spartan races (2 with the hubs) and got my 2nd Trifecta.  The kids ran the Spartan Kid race too.  Lastly, I won another free registration to the Run Laughlin Half Marathon in December, which turned out to be a great race.  

I'm looking forward to starting 2016 with new goals and plans.  I'm looking forward to fun adventures with my family and taking on new challenges.  But, for now, I'm happy to look back and reflect on all the good things that have taken place and not to dwell on what could have been or feel bad for the huge curve ball life threw our way.  Today I choose to be grateful for all the wonderful things and places I've been.  I'm grateful for my family's constant support.  I'm happy to be where I am in life.  It may not be exactly where I want to be, but it is a lot closer than I was before. And for that, I am grateful.  

What's your favorite memory of 2015?  Are you looking forward to 2016? What goals do you have for the new year?