Time to go Back to School

After a short summer track break for Diego, he's now officially a 4th grader!  School started back up on Monday and he wasn't too excited about it.  He barely let me take a picture of him.  Once he got to school though and saw some of his friends, he was fine!  I'm super proud of him and I just know he's going to do great this year too!  

This was also Elysse's first day of kindergarten.  Here in Nevada, kinder is only half day and we chose afternoons for her (none of my kids have been early risers!).  All morning s he kept asking if it was time to leave and how many more hours until she went to school.  To say she was excited, is an understatement!  Finally, it was time to go and I don't think she was a bit nervous about it.  I remember Diego was so cautious and a little scared on his first day.  Not Ely!  As soon as she heard the bell ring, she ran to her classroom without even saying goodbye!  I just love her independent spirit, but of course, I walked after her and went into the classroom to say goodbye.  I thought I'd shed a tear sending my baby girl off to school, but nope, no tears.  She was just so excited and ready to be in school, I couldn't feel sad.  Plus, it's only half day kinder, maybe the tears will come next year....  

Did you send your little ones off to school this week?  How was it?