Summer Bucket List | BBQ with Friends & Wet N Wild

We are having a great time this summer, even with Diego being in year-round school.  Tomorrow is his last day in 3rd grade and he'll have his 3 week summer track break before starting 4th grade.  We plan to pack a lot of summer fun in the next 3 weeks :) 

Here's a quick update with 2 more things we got to check off the Happy Family Movement's Summer Bucket List, BBQ with friends and going to Wet N Wild.  

We were invited over a friend's place for a BBQ earlier this month and the kids had a great time playing with the other kids and swimming in the pool.  It really was a nice relaxing day with friends.  It was exactly what we needed! 

This Saturday we finally went to Wet N Wild.  I say "finally" because this is the 2nd season it's been open and we literally saw it being built.  The water park is about 4 miles down the road from our house and we drive down that road every day to & from the gym.  When it opened last summer, we heard stories of how it was so packed, so we decided to hold off.  Our kids had been patiently waiting all year, so when it was time to put our summer bucket list together, Wet N Wild was maybe the first thing they suggested.  Huge thanks to our friends, Ernie & Veronica and my nephew, Jared and his friend Mikey for getting us in with a buddy pass and saving us quite a bit of money!!  

We spent about 6 hours at the park and had a blast!  It was not crowded and the lines were not crazy long.  The kids got on most of the slides, played in the wave pool, and relaxed in the lazy river.  It was perfect!  I think they must have said, "thanks for bringing us here" about a hundred times!  We'll definitely be getting season tickets next year.  

Did you and your family do a Summer Bucket List?  What kinds of fun things are you doing this summer?  I'd love to hear them! 

A Couple that Runs Together, Stays Together

I am so proud of Jason for running his first half marathon (Bryce Canyon Half Marathon) with me earlier this month.  He trained hard and it totally paid off.  He finished strong and more importantly we finished together.  It was pretty amazing.  

Our 18 year wedding anniversary is coming up and it got me thinking about how we do so many things together and enjoy lots of the same things too and I think this makes for a happy marriage, it really does! 

photo 2.JPG

When I started this "fitness journey" Jason was so supportive and understood that in order for it to work it had to be a lifestyle change.  He knew that eating healthy and exercising wasn't just about me, but about the whole family.  He not only stood by me, he joined me.  We've been having so much fun running races and participating in obstacle course races together.  Not only is it better for our health, it's been better for our marriage and our family life.  Having a spouse support you in following your dreams and cheering you on is so important!

Running is such a metaphor for marriage.  It's about staying beside each other even if you know you can go faster, it's knowing when to take the lead or slow down a bit.  Jason's helped me up dozens of walls and obstacles, he's literally carried me on his back, he's encouraged me to not give up.  Jason has been to every race of mine either, cheering me on or running besides me.  No matter what life throws our way, I know we'll be able to deal with it.  Together.  Our marriage is one big fun crazy adventure and I love it more and more each year.  

What are some things you and your spouse do together to keep your marriage strong?  

Fitness Friday | Weekend Motivation

Happy Friday!  If you're anything like me, weekends can be tough when it comes to sticking to your fitness goals, especially in the summer!  There are BBQs, dinner parties, girls night out, date nights, etc, etc.  I could be doing really good all week and then when the weekend comes I let my guard down, I'll eat the chips, have a glass of wine or 3, and heck while I'm at it I might as well eat that ice cream too!'s a bad cycle and I'm always working on keeping my will power strong against temptation.  Some weekends I do really well and stick to the plan, some weekends are a disaster, but I keep trying.  Let's not be too hard on ourselves if we indulge a little too much one day.  Life is about finding balance!  With that being said, here are a few fun fitness memes to keep the motivation going through the weekend! Do you have any tips to surviving the weekend? Please share in comments! 

Even on the weekends!  (source)

Even on the weekends!  (source)

Have a fabulous weekend! I know I intend to :) 

xo, Jessie