2016 Goals: Reclaim

While we still have a few days left in January, I thought I'd finally share my goals and plans for this new year.  On January 1st a good friend of mine held a Vision Board Party.  We talked about what worked and what didn't for 2015.  We discussed our goals and dreams for 2016 and then put together our vision boards to go along with these goals.  Mine is hanging in my office, so I can see it everyday and not lose focus of what I intend on working on for this year.

As I mentioned in my Year in Review post, 2015 was full of ups and downs and we went through a lot.  A lot of my plans and goals for last year ended up being put on hold and on the back burner.  Well, here we are in 2016 and I am ready to RECLAIM those goals and take on some new ones.  I intend on taking on 2016 with lots more determination and hard work than ever before.  

A big running goal to start the year has been to run the LA Marathon.  Training for this race has really been kicking my butt and it's taken up a lot of my time.  It has definitely been a challenge.  I actually have my last long run of 21 miles on Monday and then I taper for the race, which is on Feb. 14.  I'm super nervous and excited about meeting this goal! 26.2 miles here I come. 

I've got lots of business goals and plans that I am working on and have started to put in place.  I'll be working on rebranding my photography business, which means new marketing materials, updated portfolio, etc.  Fun Times for sure to reclaim my business and get back on track!  I need to make money to pay for all my races ;) 

A personal goal I have for myself is to focus more on my style.  I work from home, I workout, and that's most of my week.  I never have anything to wear when it's time to go out for a nice dinner or anywhere else that's not they gym, really!  Shopping is a chore for me.  I really do not enjoy it at all.  So, my goal for 2016 is to figure out a way to enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes that are not fitness related.  I have no problem spending $100+ on running shoes.  $12 for a pair of Injingi socks, no problem!  My favorite running bra is about $60.  Now ask me to spend more than $30 on a top and I hesitate!  This is gonna be a tough one, but i think it's important for me to find some balance in this aspect of my life and to reclaim my fashion sense! 

Lastly, now that both of my kiddos are in full-day school (YAY!!!!) I have a lot more time to focus.  This has been a blessing and a challenge.  Time management has never been my strongest attribute, so I fully intend on working on that this year.  Since I mostly work from home, I'm putting together a schedule for myself so I can have ample time to reclaim all the pieces that make up my days: motherhood, housekeeping, workflow, and fitness.  

How about you? What are your goals for 2016? Is there anything you're looking forward to?  

10 Things I've Learned from Marathon Training

I announced last month that I was all signed up for the LA Marathon on February 14, so I thought I'd share a bit of how my training has been going.  With just 36 days to go, things are getting serious.  

10 Things I've Learned from Marathon Training (so far!):

  1. I can wake up at 4am and run endless amounts of miles in the cold and dark morning.  

  2. Even if it's sunny in the winter, I should wear sunblock.  I will tan.

  3. Life will revolve around running.

  4. I can chafe in places I didn't realize were possible.  

  5. It's best to run long miles with a group or a friend.  

  6. I need more running clothes.

  7. A good pair of running shoes is hard to find.

  8. I'm always hungry.

  9. Songs I used to like can become annoying after hearing them so many times on my runs. 

  10. It's ok to be proud of my accomplishments during this journey.

So far, my longest run has been 17 miles, just this past Sunday.  I was most definitely walking with a bit of a wobble afterwards, but I ended up not being as sore as I thought I would be.  Although the idea of 26.2 miles is still pretty daunting, I feel that I will be able to do it.  On runs where I am alone, I try to envision what it will be like to run the streets of L.A. and take in the sights. I try to imagine the sound of the crowds cheering us along the way.  I look beyond that and picture myself crossing the finish line and seeing my family at the end waiting for me.  I can almost see their faces and I just hope they'll be proud of me then.  That one day, they'll know I've done all of this for them.  It's these thoughts, these emotions, these visualizations, that keep me going.  There's no quitting now. 


The Gym in January: Sharing is Caring

Here we are just 6 days into January and lots of people are complaining on social media with "funny" memes about how packed the gym is in January.  Yes, they are most definitely correct.  The gym will be busier than usual at the beginning of the new year.  We're all making goals and resolutions and just about everyone has some sort of goal to do with their physique.  Wether its to lose weight, gain muscle, or tone up, the goal usually leads them to the gym.

But, rather than hating on the new folks, let's remember what it was like to walk into a gym for the first time.  For me, it was terrifying.  Walking into that first Body Pump class, I felt everyone was staring at me.  I didn't know what I was doing.  I felt frumpy and alone.  I didn't dare make eye contact for fear of being sneered at.  I'd like to think that most of these fears were all in my head, but I'll never know.  

What I do know, is that it doesn't have to be that way.  You don't want to be the reason why someone doesn't reach their fitness goals.  Remember, you were once a newbie too.  So, rather than complain, why not be welcoming.  Why not be the reason someone does reach their fitness goals.  Just a little welcoming smile or a few seconds to lend a helping hand could make the difference.  That gesture could be what makes someone, who like me was terrified walking in, feel a little bit better about their decision. 

If you're new to a gym, don't feel bad about it.  Own it.  Sure, you may not know how to use all the machines, but neither did they when they first started going.  Don't let anyone make you feel bad for showing up.  Better yet, prove them wrong.  Show up again and again and again.  Before you know it, you'll no longer be the newbie and you'll be the one offering a lending hand or friendly smile.

For those of us who have been going all year let's try this: See someone who's looking at a machine with doubt, give them a quick tutorial.  The girl next to you at Body Pump looks scared, give her a reassuring smile.  Not only will you be helping them, you'll also feel so much better about yourself :)