Terrain Racing 5K | Our First Family Mud Run


Back in October, my family and I ran our first mud run together.  We ran the Terrain Racing 5K here in Las Vegas and it was epic. Both kiddos have done the Kid Spartan races, kids Dirty Dash races, and have participated in a runDisney kid 1 mile race and fun 5Ks like the Bubble Run.  So they are definitely not strangers to running, obstacles, and getting dirty! But, this was the first 5K mud run and it was the first time we'd all participated together, as a team.  

They were so excited to be a part of the race and run alongside us and other adults.  This was a pretty tough race and they did so well.  They climbed walls and cargo nets that I thought were pretty high and scary.  They trudged through muddy water, flipped tires, carried sand bags, and went up and down some pretty steep hills.  They did it all with so much determination and courage. They never gave up.  They tried all the obstacles and hardly needed any assistance from us.  Jason and I were so proud of them.  I think the best part was having so many other runners come up alongside them and cheer them on, especially Elysse, who was so tiny compared to everyone else out there! I could see how good and empowered it made them feel.  

Screen shot 2016-10-26 at 12.07.03 PM.png
Screen shot 2016-10-26 at 12.02.19 PM.png
Screen shot 2016-10-26 at 12.08.28 PM.png

 I'll admit, I was a little nervous that there might be whining or bickering out there but we all kept it cool and got along great!  The kiddos didn't fight and actually encouraged each other to keep going. We seriously had the best time! I can't wait to run another race together as a family.  I would most definitely recommend running a race or participating in an event as a family.  I just wish we would have done it sooner.  


It's great to get the kids involved in staying active and setting some healthy fitness goals.  Come back Thursday for tips on how to get the kiddos excited about exercising and running races! 

2016: A Year in Review

Hey remember me? Yea, it's been a hot minute since I blogged. OOPSY! These past 2 months away from the blog has shown me that I really do love blogging. Coming here and sharing our family travels, the ups and downs of life, and having a place to log my running and staying accountable to my fitness goals is really important to me.  So why did I take a blogging break? Because I got lazy.  That's the plain and simple truth about it.  And it cost me.  Not being accountable with my fitness goals these last few months has definitely left it's pounds, um, I mean mark.  No, really, the pounds came on too!  Plus, I missed having a place to share and update on what's been going on in this messy life of mine.  

But, this isn't a blog post about regrets and feeling sorry for myself.  With a new year, comes a clean slate and I've had some time to meditate on what it is I want to focus on with this blog and I plan on sharing lots of great things in the coming weeks and months.  I hope you stick around around for the ride.

Before we get started on making It's a Messy Life better than ever in 2017, I want to look back at all the fun and adventures we had in 2016.  

The biggest thing for us in 2016 is that we purchased our home!  After living in Las Vegas for 7 years, we finally decided to plant some roots.  Although purchasing our home seemed to take up most of our time and resources this year, it was a great decision and we're excited to be homeowners! I look forward to sharing more from our home, as we decorate and make it our own. 

2016 also marked our 20th wedding anniversary in August! My family threw us a sweet 1920's theme anniversary party at my sister's house and it was such a fun time.  And, Jason and I decided to put off the bathroom remodel in the house and take ourselves on an epic adventure to Peru!  We took off without the kids for 8 days and crossed off a few things from our bucket list, including visiting Machu Pichu! I can't wait to share more from our trip soon and share tips and tricks to traveling outside of the country.  

Aside from these 2 major events, I also ran the LA Marathon in February.  This was my first full marathon. 26.2! I was so grateful to have my family there cheering me on!  You can read the recap HERE and check out the fun we had afterwards too exploring LA with the kiddos on THIS blog post.  

In other running related news, I  finished the year with a pretty low milage of 327.30 yearly miles. Although it was not a year full of a ton of races, the races I did run were great.  I especially loved running the Terrain Mud Run 5K as a family! I just realized I didn't blog about that, so be on the look out for that race recap, along with some pretty funny pics of my kiddos in mud ;) For more race recaps of 2016, go HERE

As a family, we had a pretty fun year too! We went on our 2nd annual summer camping trip to Lake Navajo in Utah.  We traveled to LA twice and Ventura Beach.  We saw the super bloom at Death Valley, enjoyed seeing it snow up in Mount Charleston in December, we spent lots of spring and fall afternoons hiking Red Rock Canyon, and visiting the water parks this summer

Although it was a stressful and busy year (yeah, I know, which year isn't, right?) I still think 2016 was noteworthy and we can always find some good in every season of our life.  I hope you also took the time to reflect on this past year and were able to find the good in it too!  

XO - Jessie 





Race-cation | Southern Califiornia Getaway

One of the best reasons to choose a race in a different city is the opportunity for a race-cation! You know, where you sign up for a race and plan a trip around it!  Because I love to run and I love to travel even more, it's no wonder most of my races are out of town.  I love being able to combine two of my favorite things!  Mostly, these are just weekend getaways like for the L.A. Marathon and sometimes they are full-on family vacations, like for Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon in DisneyWorld.  Either way, it's always exciting to get away and run in a new place!  

Last month I got to race the Ventura Beach Half Marathon and we made a nice little family trip out of it.  The kids had already started school, so we let them play hooky and we left Friday morning.  We headed straight to L.A.'s The Grove shopping center where Elysse had an appointment with a personal shopper at the American Girl store!  You can read all about her amazing experience and my recommendations when visiting this store HERE.  While Elysse and I shopped and had lunch at the American Girl Cafe, Jason and Diego spent their afternoon catching PokeMon Go at the nearby La Brea Tar Pits.  They also grabbed a bite to eat and even did a little shopping too.

In case you didn't know, Friday afternoon traffic through L.A. is insane.  We thought because we were leaving a few hours before rush hour that we would be ok, but it was still really congested and it took us quite awhile to get from Los Angeles to Ventura.  When we finally arrived at our hotel, I realized just how chilly the evenings are in Ventura and we were not prepared!  Elysse still got in the pool before we headed to dinner.  She's crazy and maybe I'm a little crazier for letting her get in.  But hey, it's a vacation! 

Saturday morning, was packet pickup and our family day at the beach.  The first thing we did, was head to Old Navy to get some sweaters because the morning was cold and cloudy and I knew the evening would also be chilly.  Then we headed to Trader Joe's to grab food for our beach picnic lunch later.  At this point, we're all starving, so we had to find a place to eat a late breakfast on Main St. Finally, around noon, we made it to the beach.  Packet pick up was right next to the pier and super quick to find and get my bib for the race the next day.

After all of this, it was finally time to relax at the beach for the day!  The weather was cool but it did get pretty sunny once that morning fog rolled out.  We spent the day lounging, making sand castles, and gathering shells.  Diego had gotten a skate board while in L.A. so him and Jason practiced skating along the bike trail.  It was seriously one of the most chill out days at the beach we've ever had.  Even though it was too cold for actual swimming in the ocean, it was a blast!  We were all so stuffed from our big breakfast, that we didn't even have our lunch or snacks until we got in the car to leave.  

As soon as we got back to our hotel, Elysse was ready to jump in the pool again! I don't know how she has so much energy.  But, because we didn't swim in the ocean, we figured why not! So her and Jason stayed at the pool while Diego and went up to the room to get a head start on showers and get ready for dinner.

Sunday was race day and it was perfect!  You can read all about my race recap HERE.  Unfortunately, with school on Monday, we decided to head back home soon after the race was done.  After my race, we headed back to the hotel to check-out and for me to get myself all cleaned up from the half marathon.  After breakfast we decided to take the scenic route and find the Musical Road in Lancaster, CA.  It was originally made for a Honda commercial.  It's a quarter mile bit of road that when driven on it, it is supposed to sound like  William Tell Overature or better known as the theme from the classic Lone Ranger tv show. Was it worth taking the scenic route for this? Absolutely! There are only a few of these musical roads in the world and even though it wasn't perfectly in tune, it was still a fun little side track.  

Click the photo to see and hear our drive over the Musical Road! 

Click the photo to see and hear our drive over the Musical Road! 

We also got to see one of the largest wind farms in the world as we drove back to the interstate.  We had no idea we'd be seeing that, but when we kept seeing so many rows of windmills, I quickly googled and found out it was the Alta Wind Project, also called the Mojave Wind Farm, the third largest onshore wind energy project in the world.  Pretty neat bit of trivia :) 

All and all, our family race-cation was a much needed break from the busy months we'd been having with packing and moving and the kids starting new schools.  I highly recommend when looking for your next race, consider making it a race-cation! I'm sure the idea of traveling and getting away will be a nice motivator as you put in those training miles!